Friday, January 05, 2007

Enough About Those Cookies Already!

I guess I am going to have to give in and bake some cookies today. (Yes, it's 12:53 AM so it's already Friday!) I'm tired of Jackie and Pat whining!!! Just kidding girls! I do have all the necessary ingredients to bake those awesome chocolate chip cookies that Jackie posted the recipe for some time back. Shane and I made some a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, and they were the best I have ever eaten! Jackie was telling the truth on that one! Well, I guess she tells the truth on most things. Let me try again, I guess she tells the truth all the time. Hmmm, one more try, HONEY-I KNOW THAT GIRL NEVER LIES! Enjoy the photos of Shane and I making the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever! [Eat your heart out Pat!]

First, you must gather all your ingredients!

Cream the sugar, butter and wet ingredients!

Add "what makes the world go 'round"!

Fold those babies in!

Place in a pre-heated oven!

Baked to perfection!

Shane's favorite part of the whole process! Mine too!


Yekwana Man said...

Those pictures are wicked and sinful!!!!REPENT of your EVIL ways!!!

Jungle Mom said...

So... the last cookie post wasn't bad enough! Now you show us all this?? And I started back on my diet today!

Ashley said...

Haha. Poor Aunt Rita...

OOOOOOOOOH! Those cookies...they look soooo good. Stop with the food posting! ACK! >_<

Jackie said...

Yummo and delish. I may "exagerate" the truth sometimes, but not about cookies!! That's serious business! LOL
By the way, what was the evaporated milk for? I don't remember it being in the recipe. Did you make different kinds of cookies too?

Pam Rios said...

No it was used in your recipe in place of the 2 tbsp. regular milk. I was out! I'm almost afraid to use regular milk this time because it was so so good with the evaporated!

Pat said...

WAAAHHHH....all you did was make my mouth water!!

J/K Hope you had fun!!

Shane is such a good assistant in the kitchen!

Amber said...

WOW. Those really good. I'm going to have to tell Shane that I am jealous - he didn't even call me to tell me he made cookies! lol Looks like you both had fun.

Jackie said...

I would love to NOT have Elena immunized. The side effects seem very scary to me. If we were stateside, in no way shape or form would I get them...but....Brian decided that we would get them here since the diseases she is being immunized for (hepatites, tuberculosis, etc) are prevalent. And part of the culture of Paraguay is to drink after everybody's Yerba Mate. There will be plenty of germ sharing going around. In our situation, we decided it would be best to have the shots. However, my newborn will NOT have Vitamin K,or any blood drawn, or any shots till at least a year (I would like to wait two years) I would also like to exclusively breast feed for a whole year, as that would be the best immunization of all kind. :-)

Pat said...

Jackie, I forgot about the Mate. I questioned Derek after her returned from Argentina....I am not used to a community cup - maybe toddler floaties in your drink, but I see why you want some protection for a little one!!

Pat said...


Nor No Blog update!!


Jungle Mom said...

Yes. all day I come and look at the cookies! This diet really stinks!