Sunday, January 07, 2007

Progress and Floozies!

Hi Friends! I, Me, Yo, the Nazi of comments, am being ridiculed for not putting up a new post!! Can you all believe that? I have been blessed with a few days of feeling so much better, that I have actually been doing some house-keeping and accomplishing some things I have been wanting to do! YIPPEE! I praise the Lord for my progress! The fact that I haven't been posting over the past few days is a testimony to answered prayers!!! Oh and my son Josh has been here all week-end hogging my computer!! Now last night, (Sat.) I did get a little carried away with all the games and quizzes these young bloggers have thrown my way, but I haven't actually journaled! I have just sent my boys down the road to Tampa. Josh is taking Shane home for the night. Shane took his math and reading books with, so as not to get too late of a start on his "back to school" mode! Now while I have my dear, sweet computer to myself and while Agustin is still at work, I would like to blog!

Here are a few of the things I accomplished this week!

1) Bleached my kitchen trash can inside and out

2) Took everything out of my kitchen pantry and reorganized it totally - Agustin helped with this on his day off

3) Put away the last of the Christmas gifts that were laying around

4) Packed away all Christmas decorations - except for the tree and ornaments

5) Caught up with all laundry

6) Scoured and disinfected my bathroom

7) Baked cookies

8) Cooked several meals

9) Paid several bills

10) Cleaned off my desk (halfway done)

11) Wrote and sent thank-you notes

12) Used Agustin's new Dead Sea Salt scrubs/creams, during/after a hot soak in the tub

13) Balanced my checkbook

14) Called 2 of my elderly aunts, made various other phone calls

15) Had a blast with my boys this week-end

16) Was able to dress myself for church this morning - no help required from Agustin

A lot of those things may seem trivial to you, but to me they are giant milestones! They are points of PROGRESS! I absolutely haven't been able to accomplish that much in one week in a very long time. My pain wouldn't allow it. That is why I am on cloud 9 about it! Once again, I must thank all of you for your prayers and support through this blogging craziness! I LOVE it! God is so good to me!


I took this photo around 2 a.m. one morning a few days before Christmas. My hand and entire arm were on fire from the swolleness. It seemed every place on my body hurt as well, but this was the night I blogged about the middle finger being the "star of the show!" They continued to swell through out the night until the middle knuckled turned so purple, I thought it was going to burst open! The joints of my hands and feet, when swollen, are visible . I can only imagine what the joints in my shoulders, hips, jaw, neck must look like as well.
I must share this little tid-bit with you. Those of you who know Shane well will appreciate it! He and I were reading Proverbs 5 about the "strange woman". I paused at some point, wanting to find out if he was grasping the meaning of the verses. I asked, "Do you remember the last time we read this chapter, what mommy told you strange women were?" He replied, "Oh yeah, they are the floozies!" (this is a word he learned from the movie 'Nacho Libre', which most of you who read my blog have seen!) When that word "floozie" was used in the movie, Shane asked what it meant. I was happy to explain it on his level. I guess he got the message!
Shane just called me from his grandparent's house so excited. In church service tonight, our Pastor brought a wonderful message from Revelations 18. The "anti-christ" was mentioned various times. Shane just found out a visiting speaker was at his grandparent's church and also spoke on Revelations and the end times. Being a chalk artist, he had illustrated the sermon and my parent's were telling Shane about it. On the phone Shane says to me, "Mom you are not going to believe this? You know the anti-christ and how Pastor Naill preached about Revelations at church tonight? Well so did Brother Arnold! He preached almost the identical same thing. Grandma was telling me what he said and I can't believe it. It was almost just like Pastor Naill's! Isn't that cool mom?" I just melted inside at the thought that my little man of nine was so excited over the Word and things of the Lord that he just had to call me to talk about it! Isn't that a blessing?


Yekwana Man said...

Hey Pam,
I will be praying today for your hands. I can tell they must hurt with that kind of inflammation.

God Bless you

Pat said...

Knowing how difficult and painful RA can be, we are holding you up in prayer---and, we do know that overdoing it does not help :)

However, we also now your heart!

May we hold you ever closer in our prayers!!

Pat said...

Forgot to say, what a blesisng Josh has been there--and for him to spend time with Shane mentoring him!!

Also, Shane is quite a perceptive
kid!! Just don't tell him those "strange women" are all about once youleave your house anymore!! He will have to have blinders!!

Amber said...

I'm so glad that you have been feeling well enough to get so much accomplished! I know the Lord will bless your work and our prayers.

LOL "Floozies" That really made me laugh, but he is paying attention! Bro. Arnold does some very captivating chalk drawing. He and his wife handled our last summer Bible week and Alex won a chalk drawing for bringing the most visitors. It was a lot of fun.

Jackie said...

Floozies....Brian and I both got a chuckle out of that one. I could just hear him saying it! What smart kid. Since you're feeling so well...wanna swing by my house? I have a garbage can that could use some bleach! LOL. SoOoOO glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better.

Ashley said...

I am so glad to hear you're feeling better! I've put you on my 'official prayer list'. ^_^ I hope God continues to bless!

And I'm so glad to hear about Shane(and amused) he seems to have a real heart for God at such a young age! Haha. And the 'floozies'. I'm still laughing over that! XD

Pam Rios said...

Note to Amber: We were Alex's visitors and the reason she won that drawing! LOL

Pallecanestro said...

haha, wow your pick of your hands makes me laugh. Sry, i know it hurts but it is kind of funny. im praying for them.

on the other hand tho (* thinks to self, well that one was probly swollen too) But u were able to get stuff done around the house and give me some cookies too!!!

thanks for the laughs while typing with your elbows!

Pam Rios said...

Josh: Elbows and "other body parts!"

Jungle Mom said...

Praying. I loved the floozies thing, too. And can relate to the body parts bit myself.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Pam!!!
I just saw this post about your hands. My mother has rheumatoid arthitis, too. She's had it for about 30 years. I will pray for you. I know what she deals with daily. I cannot imagine the pain that it causes.

Mrs. U