Sunday, January 14, 2007

Swooning On Saturday

Shane has a tummy ache and can't sleep. He is lying on the bed behind my computer desk and just saw me open up a new post box. With his sweet little voice, he says, "What are you gonna post about?" I answered that I didn't know. He said, "Well maybe I can help you because my stomach hurts and I can't go to sleep." So here we go!

He told me to title it My Day. It started by staying up until 3 in the morning. This caused me to sleep until 1p.m. Hopefully I won't stay up until 3 in the morning again! Right now we are listening to Josh Groban's CD entitled, "AWAKE". I ate a BLT sandwich, cleaned my bathroom, showered, got dressed. (Shane stops here and leaves the room to talk to his daddy. Pam's own words begin.)) Agustin came home and showered then we headed out the door to Josh's Alumni ball game in Tampa. There was a good sized crowd there. That was a pleasant surprise. I saw many parents of Josh's former team mates. Many have moved out of Tampa. One mom now teaches at Emmanuel Christian School in Ft. Myers. My dear friend Katelin Turner came and sat with me for a while. We had a wonderful visit. She is recuperating from an ear surgery. It is about the 4th time for this same surgery. Please pray for her healing. She is a tenth grader. She looked great! I saw our dear old friends, Kim and Danny Miller. They used to hang out at our house alot when they were dating and after becoming newlyweds. Kim was about a size 0 or 2 and would hold my little Joshy on her lap while playing Rook! I'd love to see her do that now! She and Danny still look the same - as young as ever! They have two gorgeous little girls. Kim may be a size 4-6 now!!!

Pastor Turner came over to greet us at one point during the game. He and Shane have an on-going quarrel concerning the baseball teams they prefer! I should write about that some time. I told Pastor he was keeping our knees calloused as we are offering up so many prayers for him and the ministry there. They are finishing up a major building program, staff changes, new students, many attacks from Satan. But with a smiling face, he excitedly shared with us how plans for college days are coming and so many kids are registered. All dorms are completely filled this time! God love him! He is like a ferocious bull-dog. No matter what happens, he keeps at it!

During half-time of the game, they had any man who wanted to come out and take 3 shots from half court to win a gift certificate to MiMi's Cafe. (One of my favorite places!) Agustin did great! All 3 of his balls came so close to going in, but alas, if we go to MiMi's soon, we will be paying out of our own pockets, but it was fun!

Then they had a cake auction to raise money for the High School's Senior trip to Europe. Agustin bid on a chocolate bundt cake covered with cream cheese frosting and Hershey's kisses. We got it for only $7.00!

The alumni won the game, but they were very sweet and declined fouls and put in some of the poorer players if they got too far ahead of the varsity team.

After the game, we said our goodbyes and went to eat at Lee Garden's Chinese. We have been going there since Josh was a baby. One particular waitress knows us so well. She came to our table laughing saying, "Your mom was in here last night around 7:00. I told her that was awful late for her. She is usually here around 2:: 30!" Its nice to have that kind of camaraderie with the staff.

After an hours drive to get home, we all got in our jammies, brushed our teeth and just chilled. Of course, I blogged! I loved every one's posts today but I must say my son's was my favorite! He had me in tears. I mean I was sitting in a puddle of them by the time I finished reading his post. I will be swooning for days to come, hence the title of this post! Thank you Josh for the loving gesture.



Now to bed we must go so we feel fresh for the Lord's day. Oops! It's already 12:30! I had to take a Percocet and am now feeling so drowsy but I don't feel that sickening pain in my right shoulder, jaw and temple that I have been fighting all day. To bed I go! Goodnight!


Pallacanestro said...

Shane and tummy ach, and u and pain killers??? its like a drugy house lol!

Jungle Mom said...

No wonder you moved out, Josh! LOL

Jackie said...

Glad you had a fun night out. I tried calling you and no one answered, now I know where you were! Aha!! Catch ya next time!

Ashley said...

Shane is so cute! Whatever he says makes me giggle.

I'm so glad you had a nice night. And isn't nice to know people almost anywhere you go? After going to Heartland, Crown, camp, and Youth conferences so often I know someone at about any church! LOL So, I never have a lack of conversation no matter where I am...but do I ever?

Pat said...

Glad your fingers can type---also glad you got to reminisce and have fun!!

Give Shane hugs for us and telll him I hope he feels better!!