Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sleepless in Wesley Chapel & A Prayer Request

My parents with Josh, Christmas 2004.

Well its 3:50 a.m. and no sleep in sight! I've tossed and turned and have kept dear hubby awake, so I had to leave the room! Pain, pain everywhere! I thought I would punch some photos through the celebrity look alike web-site. What a hoot when my blond nephew showed up as resembling basketball legend Charles Barkley and my dad came up as Jesse Jackson and Kafi Annan from the United Nations!!! Oh but later my dad came up as David Hasselhoff, now you tell me??? (giggle,giggle)My son Josh seems to keep appearing as Donny Osmond and John Ritter. Shane has been Rick Shroeder and Keira Knightly from Pirates of the Caribbean! His favorite was when 'THE ROCK" showed up on his match! But I think the funniest of all was when my dark husband matched as Jodie Foster!!!

I'm thinking about my Thanksgiving Day meal. I think it will be the first time I've cooked the entire meal and entertained. I have had a few Thanksgiving meals at home with just my intimate family, but I didn't cook it. I ordered it from Publix! Of course, that was back when I worked full time. Usually we go to mom's and I bring some dishes and of course my famous banana pudding -YUM! It will be fun this year, as Agustin wants to try some new things with a turkey!! Too much Food Network for him lately! Oh by the way, he came out as Bobby Flay on the chef quiz and Shane is Rachel Ray!!Its the warm gigglies they have in common I think.

My mom was going to have us over, but due to being put on bed rest for two weeks to try and relieve the inflammation in her back, she won't be able to shop or cook. It appears she has two herniated discs, possibly ruptured. We will know more soon. Please remember her in your prayers and my dad as well. He has been going to therapy for a pinched nerve in his neck all the while trying to keep on top of things at home while mom is down. He is 70 years old now; hard for me to believe. I still think of him as that daddy I had back in the 1970"s!!! Mom is 63, and not used to being down. She is very energetic and a hard worker. Dad said that the hardest part for my mother is having to lie in bed. I know they will appreciate your prayers.

Well my wrists are on fire and my back is finished for awhile. Must go. Love to all my friends in blogger world. Oh speaking of blogs!!! You must go read my brother in law's post from last night. You will have a good belly laugh as he shares his views about this blogging craze!! Go to

Goodnight now, or should I say Good morning as most of you will be getting up soon! Romans 8:28 "And we know, that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."


Anonymous said...

wow...two herniated disks that is painful. I will be praying a lot. I had a sleepless night too. I have a head cold coming on..ick.

Jungle Mom said...

Oh dear , I was up most of the night. Praying and tossing,too. So, your not alone in this. We are praying down here that you will all have strength to get thru this. wish I was there to help cook for you.

Pat said...

All matters will be taken to heart and prayed for---you have been in my thoughts and prayers today!!

You can create a feast for as many as show...aren't you Paula?? NO PROBLEM!!

I will help---just send oput the call!! After all, I am Rachel Ray, but I bake and love to cook----go figure I breake all the rules!!LOL