Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Awesome Nephew, Joshua Daniel Vernoy

Where did Naomy go?
Josh Daniel, Paloma, Naomy, Shane


I have an awesome nephew named Josh,
It's also my son's name,(GOSH!)
He came over this past Sunday,
Boy that was a fun day!
His comments always make me giggle,
Gee, how my belly does wiggle!
Two girls came with him for food,
that must have put him in a good mood!
Josh had a big smile on as well,
because on his college mid-terms he had done well!
We ate fajitas and beans,
then later you should have seen the scenes!
We all sat on my small love seat,
then realized we had had too much to eat!
I threw myself across their laps,
thinking we'd be comfortable enough for naps!
Instead I realized I should buzz away like a bee,
because I had a sudden urge to pee! (Yep, that's me!)
My Shane was there too,
he thinks he lives in a zoo!
My hubby was at work that day,
but the rest of us found time to play!
We checked out blogs on line,
my niece's was so fine!
My sister's made me cry that day,
because of me she had nice things to say!
Well the time came for them to leave,
I had to wipe the tears on my sleeve!
Now what do you think of this boy,
whose name is Joshua Daniel Vernoy?

How did you like the way I totally hid poor Naomy with my BOD!?! The other sweetie in the photo is our friend Paloma. They will probably never come to my house again! (Thanks girls for my pretty flowers!)
So that is my attempt at poetry! Maybe its not that great, but I bet you could tell we had a blast! So my message got across huh? Who says it has to be perfection?


Teresa said...

I didn't know you were such a poet. You never cease to amaze me. Sounded like a fun day at your house. Good to hear about Joshua's mid terms---yeah, Josh!!

Jungle Mom said...

I miss everybody!!

Pat said...

WOW amaze me at your writing talent!! Lokks like you had sooo much fun ---of course they will return---food, laughs...better than school!!

Jungle Mom said...

What?! I just realized that Neomi was in that picture! Oh my goodnes all I see are her little knees!! Poor thing!!

Anonymous said...

That's soo cute. You are a much better poet than I am! I miss you all so much and my brother!! Waaa....!!! Love you! Jackie

M.J. said...

Oh sounds like a lot of fun!!! Your hair style is lovely! The poem is fun!!!