Friday, November 17, 2006

Why does it say "Vote Democrat"? I would much rather it read "Vote Republican"! Who designed this thing anyway?

Your Vote Score: 100% Republican, 0% Democrat

You fit well with the Republican party, and you should almost definitely vote Republican this election.

In fact, you're so strongly Republican, a political career (or at least some activism )may be in your future.


Jungle Mom said...

I know!! Did you read mine?

Jungle Mom said...

Notice the lack of responses on our political blogs? We must be the onlt 2 addicted to politics.Or the only 2 republicans?

Jackie said...

Okay you two news junkies. Did you all know that I only voted for Bush ONCE???? Why?? I'll tell you...because I was too young the first time!! Hee hee! Scared you didn't I???