Monday, November 27, 2006

"Ps" Banana Pudding

Now is the "P" for Pam or Paula? I mean, we both cook so well! I do want to post my recipe here especially for those who have already asked me for it. Now this will be a little difficult for me because I usually make it for big crowds. Keep that in mind. If you want to make it for a samll group, just use your own judgement and cut it down to the size you need. Enjoy!

Pam's Banana Pudding
3 large boxes of INSTANT VANILLA pudding/pie filling
(If large boxes aren't available, I use about 5 small boxes.)


14 - 16 bananas

1 AND HALF boxes vanilla wafers

1 large tub of Cool-Whip

In large mixing bowl, mix all boxes of pudding according to package directions
(Sometimes I use a little less milk than suggested)
Spoon in almost entire tub of Cool-Whip, beat with mixer until blended well
Set aside pudding mixture, begin peeling bananas
(I peel most of them, but not all, just in case I don't need them)
Start layering your vanilla wafers on bottom and along sides of large bowl you will serve your pudding from
Cut bananas into discs, not too thin, and scatter over cookies. Use lots of bananas. Don't be shy!
Pour a good bit of pudding over this,smoothing it evenly with back of a spoon
Begin layering again - cookies, banana discs, pudding until you have it as deep as you like or your ingredients run out.
I like to spread the last little bit of cool-whip over the top and then sprinkle crushed cookies over that.

It so easy! Have Fun!

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