Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well, the bird has been in the oven since 6 a.m. It should be ready around 9. Then I'll have room in there to cook my dressing for about 45 minute. Its prepared and in the pan waiting to be popped in that oven and boy does it look good! Shane had fun tearing up the pieces of toasted bread for me. Agustin did a swell job cleaning, drying, oiling the turkey and then stuffing it with onions, lemon halves and rosemary sprigs. Meantime I was using the food processor to blend the salt, chopped up fresh rosemary and 2 tablespoons of lemon zest! We then rubbed and patted ole Tom the Turkey down with that mixture and drizzled more olive oil on him. Then my hubby thought it a good idea to add some rosemary sprigs under the skin above the cavity opening of old Tom. So in went the sprigs and some more lemon wedges! This bird is going to taste awesome! Agustin and Shane went to bed around 2a.m. I stayed up and did something (can't remember right now) and cleaned dishes and counter top. I think I went to bed at 4a.m. then up at quarter of 6! So---after getting old Tom in the oven this morning, I went ahead and made my dressing and giblet gravy. They both look great and I think so far I have done well. Oh also, last night Shane and I stuffed the dates with peanut butter and rolled them around in sugar. He loved it! Of course he thought the dates looked like big ol' cock roaches! Very appetizing!

Before we started preparing the food last night, we rearranged the living room. Put together 2 new lamps, hung an old rustic clock on the wall, ironed tablecloths, set the table, decorated the buffet table, laid out all serving dishes and serving utensils. Oh and before all that - we had been to the mall, Walmart, and Publix! You can tell, I work better under pressure! I got so tickled at Agustin at one point. He was really in touch with his "feminine side" last night during all of this. He had my cloth tape measure strung around his neck because he had used it to measure something. With that around his neck, he was at the dining table trying to invent a formal, attractive way for us to fold and display the cloth napkins. It was hilarious! I wish I had taken a photo of him. Plus, he was "playing the part" big time! You know, the wave of the weak wristed hand and the head cocked to one side! We are both very excited about today. I am so looking forward to my Joshy being here!!!

When I crawled into bed, I was so overtired and was hurting so bad, that I shook with fever for about 10 minutes. I felt like I was going into convulsions. Its as though all my muscles are having spasms. Maybe Pat can explain it to me anew. My Dr. has told me why this happens and I'm sure I've read about it in all my research of RA, but right now I can't remember why. This is common when I have overdone it, as I had Wednesday. Agustin woke up and threw his arms and legs over me trying to warm me. He also rubbed my forehead. Very soothing!!!I'm not sure but I think because of the inflammation, the blood and oxygen aren't flowing through my body correctly. My fingernails and toenails turn purple and I get as cold as ice. But after my dear hubby's warmth, all became calm and I drifted off to sleep to get up 1 hour & 45 minutes later. Well, I am setting a timer and heading back to bed. I ate some saltines and took some anti-inflammatory medication so hopefully I can get up and do a few more things before 2pm when we are scheduled to eat. Agustin is going to do the potatoes for me. But you know what--If we don't eat at 2pm, its ok. I am relaxed and love those who are coming over and I think they love me as well, so our day will be wonderful. Hope yours is as well.

More later I am sure. I can't wait to hear about EVERY BODY'S day! Good Eatings!


Jackie said...

Oh wow. Please take pictures of you house, and please take a little nap on your couch. Get some rest before the party starts. Give BIG hugs to everyone for me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having Josh over and I am praying for you to get some releiffrom th epain. And thanks to Guttie for his helping hand too.

Pat said...

Sounds like Southern Living at its finest.....a feast indeed....don't you love it when family is involved? Hope you have lots of laughter and fun as well as a full tummy! (tee hee)--we all will!