Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love the Fall! But I must say, Christmas takes the cake! Even though I may not feel like doing all that needs to be done, or should I say - all I think needs to be done - I get so caught up in the festivities. Just reading our Pat's blog made me want to zip out and shop! (and try that massaging chair)! That is the only thing my husband has requested for Christmas.

Speaking of my husband! Tomorrow he and his employees will be decorating the restaurant for Christmas. He wants to set a festive mood so has asked that everyone bring a dish. Of course, he is taking my Banana Pudding! He loves it and I must say; when I take it to any kind of function, there is never a bite left to bring back home. He picked up the items I needed after church tonight and just walked in, so I must make this blog shorter than usual. (I know, you ALL just sighed a sigh of relief!) Am I too long winded? Let me know if you think so. Love you guys! I haven't been able to go "blogging" all weekend, so I thouroughly enjoyed visiting my friends blogs tonight! I think I was going through withdrawal!


Pat said...

Make a double batch and we will be over to taste it!! J/k....
I have missed your blogs, just thot you we recouping!! Holidays do that to you!!

I love Christmas, too!!

Glad you're back!

M.J. said...

I love Chrsitmas too! It is my favorite time of year too!