Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Miss My Sissy!

I think it was just Pat and I blogging today. I knew Rita wouldn't be able to as she was traveling to Caracas today and will be there a few days seeing the Dr. for a follow up visit for her skin cancer surgery. I will be so happy to see her back on line! In this photo you see Rita with her hubby Clint and Shane and our server at the Olive Garden that night! You know, all those years she lived in the jungle, it was difficult having a real relationship. We really never knew much about what was going on in each others lives. We tried, and did the best we could, but hey - face it - with her living in the Amazon Rain Forest, we did have a handicap! I would send things through the mail occasionally to their PO box in Miami and from there a pilot would fly it into Venezuela. After several weeks, she would get it. But to be able to IM or talk on the phone was only possible when they would come out to the city for supplies or R&R. We would have to try to remember everything we needed to say to one another in one short phone call. Now that they are in the city, we can stay caught up and in touch. So one positive thing Chavez's shenanigans have done for good is to help two sisters build a better and stronger relationship! HAHA! I had such a wonderful time with Rita (and her family of course) while they were home this summer. I don't know why, but it seemed to be a major building time for our relationship. Then to think how God has supplied a way for us to talk for hardly nothing due to her having a Vonage Phone with an 813 area code! Same as mine! Wonderful! We can call each other as if she were just across the street. Thank you Lord! When they were in the jungle, we would hope and pray they were all fine. Then breathe a big sigh of relief when one day out of the blue we would get a phone call letting us know they were out in town for awhile and all was well, or not! But at least we knew something current about them! Now, in a "Jackie Style" list, I would like to let you know what I admire in my little sister. Ready??
1. Her faithfulness to God and her husband
2. The way she gets more excited in Home Depot over camping style toilets or solar panels than she does in Dillard's or a High End furniture store
3. How she parents her children
4. Her ability to be laid back and let others around her relax
5. How she keeps a stiff upper lip during her illnesses and many surgeries
(back 2x and cancer removed 7x)
6. How she giggled and thought it was funny rather than getting angry with me the time I put her on the spot while we were singing a duet. I sang the first verse solo, she joined me with her alto on chorus. At 2nd verse, I simply looked at her and said, 'You take this one'. Then I stepped back a little. She did great but turned all red and blotchy on her neck and chest. Afterward, all her family members were laughing and letting me know that Rita doesn't do solos. That was her first!! I then understood why they all had funny looks on their faces as I looked at them in the congregation that morning while Rita was doing her "solo"!
7. I love the way she gets red blotchy spots on her neck and chest when she is nervous or excited or MAD!
8. I admire how she has lost so much weight recently
9. How she loves my boys and husband
10. The way she has been there via phone, internet, blogs, for me recently helping me through a tough situation

And then there is my little niece Jackie! Her list will come in a later post! She is the closest I will ever come to having a daughter I guess. I was her nanny in Mexico for a year while her mommy and daddy were in missionary language school there. While living in Mexico caring for Jackie, I met my husband. See how the Lord works! Back to Jackie - I think she was having internet problems Monday. She tried to call me and the line would start beeping. I would call her and it would go right to voice mail. I didn't see her on line all day, but was happy to see she did post a little something later. I love her to death! And now to think she has a hubby and a baby! I can't fathom it sometimes!

So I must send out a thanks to Pat for holding down the fort this Monday! I missed M.J. and Teresa and Beki and Jayde as well as Rita and Jackie. Weird how I've grown so attached to you all. Please lift Rita and her family in prayer as they must travel home still. Their elections are next week and things could get ugly. Chavez has announced that the EVIL EMPIRE (that's us you guys!) was going to shut down the power and phone lines on election day there! Makes me think he himself may have something up his sleeve!

Love to All! Now I am off to bed!


Jackie said...

That's so true about her getting excited at home depot. And I will never forget that solo!!! LOL...

Pat said...

I know she is a Lady that I greatly admire---as we changed churches and I saw you sporadically, I kinda lost touch with her life. I can see now that her children can truly rise up and call her blessed, and I know she must have endured physical pain many times ......but she chose to serve her Lord, no matter...don't recall her ever complaining either!

Did ya'll record the song?? I'd love to hear the sista act!!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling we will be seeing Her-Ricane Rita again soon! LOL

tupalup said...

I Love this post. And so did my mom. Aunt Pam,you are so nice. I love you and Love to all!!!!!!

M.J. said...

Thanks for posting! I love getting to know all of you from your own blogs as well as the posts on others blogs as well!! how wonderful to have such a loving family!!!

Jungle Mom said...

Oh you are so kind! I dont know about the not complaining part tho. Dont ask my husband or children for their oppinion on that!! And I think Coleman is a high End furniture brand!!!