Sunday, November 19, 2006

Panic Attack!!!

Hi everyone! I just got in from church and had lunch. Shane and I went through the Burger King drive-thru since
Agustin is working today and I didn't have it in me to cook! I wanted to hurry and eat so I could post.

First off, I hope you all can see this because I am worried that my blog is suffering from something! Pat had trouble viewing it this morning and we were wondering if it was a flaw with the new designer look! I just about had a panic attack today when right after service Pat informed me she had tried to view my blog before church and could only see certain portions of it. Was my new baby sick? Oh the protective, motherly concern kicked right in! I felt my throat constricting, my palms began to get sweaty, I was short of breath! My poor, dear baby blog! Was something wrong with it? Did it catch Jackie and Elena's cold? I must rush right home and check its pulse! So I woofed down my whopper and came right here! Oh the relief that flooded over me when my blog appeared before my eyes. I am hoping it was just misbehaving for Pat and not sick at all. Rita and Jackie have read my latest post and left comments so I know they can view it okay.
I must get this worked out because Pat is so much of my inspiration!! It is imperative that she be able to read and post comments! I mean -- its not like she has anything else to do, right? (wink,wink) Now don't get me wrong-all of you faithful "posters" are an inspiration to me, but my Pat is right here in Wesley Chapel!! She is a real multi-dimensional person. I can hug her and see her smile several times a week. She is a prayer warrior for me right now, so please pray this isn't a real problem. I look forward to her "faithfulness" to my blog!!

Secondly, our Pastor spoke on "Prayer & Intercession" this morning. I got so much out of his sermon taken from Romans 8:26 & 27. He also spent some time talking about how the Holy Spirit is there, comforting us, helping us, and hugging us as a dear friend or spouse would in times of trouble. I especially liked this quote: "No man is greater than his prayer life." - Leonard Ravenhill (I think that is the corrrect last name. Pat may remember! That is, if she can read this post!)

Well, I need a nap, so off I go. I guess all this worry for my baby blog has drained me. Oh no - I remember what really drained me. No sleep for the past 2 nights may have done that! Shane has to be back at church by 6pm for his rehearsal. The "PATCH CLUB" is performing in the evening service tonight. I sure hope my baby blog behaves or gets better or whatever it is it needs to do so life can go on normally!!!


Jackie said...

I can see everything just fine, so I'm assuming that the problem would be on Pat's end. Maybe her computer just had a bad time with it this morning. I hope it all works out.

Pat said...

Yall should have seen her scamper out of church!!! NOT THE BLOG!!! INACCESSABLE???????? Well, we got the kinks worked out (thanks to my kids) and I now can read all the wonderful info I pay dearly for her to say about me (I am thankful she doesn't know me better than that!!LOL)

Somehow she has started this sleepless in Wesley Chapel thing, and I now know three ladies in our church alone that cannot sleep ---guess Pam is starting her own local prayer support early morning group!!

Oh yes, I am glad Pam and I did not catch each others eye in the service--it was a tearful convicting and encouraging one (as we are prayer partners)...Our Pastor preaches his heart and for him to tearfully tell us he needs to pray more and that each of us are prayed for daily by him!! WOW!!
WE must all diligently pray for one another and not the 7 second kind, but the on your knees one hour kind and then back again as you think of other areas!!

Love ya, Pam!!!

Pam said...

oh Pat, I am so glad you put that part on your comment. Wasn't that so special? I love Pastor Naill's tender heart! I don't think he has gotten thru one sermon in the 2 1/2 months I've been attending there, without crying! You can tell he loves God (and us, his flock) so much!

M.J. said...

I can also only see when I highlight your posts!! Inspirational all the same!