Monday, November 20, 2006

My Thanksgiving Menu

This is what I will be serving on Thursday.

Thanksgiving Menu

Sweet Onion Tartlets
Stuffed Dates
Hot Cranberry Cider

Main Course
Citrus Rosemary Turkey
Good Old Country Stuffing
Giblet Gravy
Green Bean Salad
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
Fried Green Bean Bundles
Buttery Corn
Cranberry Relish
Crescent Rolls

Pumpkin Pie with Cool Whip Topping
Gourmet Pecan Sweet Potato Pie
Sugar Free Apple Pie
Pam's Banana Pudding
Jackie's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Dream Pie

Cranberry Cider


Jackie said...

Oh my word. I wish I was coming to your house for Thanksgiving. Sounds awesome! Have fun cooking!!

Jackie said... just happened to me again. When I type in your web address it comes up fine. But when I hit refresh I loose all the words, and it goes dark. So, I retype the address and it pops up good as new. This blog has a mind of its own!

Pat said...

sound like a FEAST (not to speak of lots of work!!!) So, you'll have to explain a couple of items like fried green bean bundles....and, how do you make the onion tartlets?...I will email my cranberry relish recipe to you---you can share!!

Oh--you asked what I am doing for Tahnksgiving---coming to your house of course!!

Teresa said...

Did you get the green bean bundles from Paula?? I saw that episode. Looks yummo. I wish I could come over with Pat but I guess not.

Beki said...

Recipes Cuz...must have recipes: Citrus Rosemary Turkey (I'll pick the fresh Rosemary from my bush!), Green Bean Salad (always lookin' for a good recipe for that!), Fried Green Bean Bundles (don't know about those, so I NEED the recipe for sure!), and Pam's Banana Pudding (wanna compare yours to mine and see if they're "related"!!!). You won't believe this, BUT...I've been contemplating a Rosemary Turkey for a few weeks...honest! AND, will be making Chocolate Dream Pie too...the rest will probably be rather plain as there are too many picky-eaters in my little family! So, what time did you say dinner would be ready? Love ya!! (PS - I can't read anything on your blog either, unless I highlight...thank you "MJ" for mentioning that, I hadn't thought about doing that until I read your comment...and, it was killing me NOT knowing what Pam was could have been about me!!)

Pam said...

Your a hoot! Come over around 2pm and we'll stuff you too! I will post recipes soon.