Thursday, November 30, 2006

Patch Club

Shane is in center of back row, beside the girl with her mouth wide open! This is only a portion of the choir. It was taken after the service.

Shane loves Patch Club! He is the cutest thing in his navy blue slacks with the bright red sash tied at the waist (think Pirate), white shirt, and sailor cap! Tonight, he earned his second pin to wear in his hat. Each Wednesday night, our church provides this special service for kids. If the children are faithful in attendance, memorize their verse for the month, and perform in the program before the church once a month; they earn a special award pin to wear on their sailor cap. Each program they perform includes a skit. So far, this fall, there have been two programs. Different children are selected to memorize and perform the skit. Tonight Shane told me with his eyes dancing and the cutest, impish smile on his face, "Mom, tonight I was offered a part for our new skit!" I was so excited. "Oh honey" I said, "that is wonderful!" He goes on to say, "I didn't accept it though." "Why not?" I ask. "Because I didn't want to do it. And it was a very long part. I'm too shy." he said. "That's fine for now." I tell him. "But next time, accept it. Ask for a short part. Try something new! You will be great at it! This is called breaking out of your comfort zone Shane." So please pray with me that he will gain boldness and try this new challenge! He loves getting in front with his friends and quoting scripture, singing, etc. I would love to see him prove to himself he can take part in a skit also.


Jackie said...

what a cute picture. They look so important...and they know it! Praying for Shane!

Jungle Mom said...

I cant wait to be able to see Shane in a performance! Tell him to keeep up the good work. we love him,

Pat said...

Shane is soo cute (handsome) in his outfit!1 We will pray for him to gain confidence (I know he can!!)