Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's My Birthday!! Election's are over! ( well,almost!)

I have so much to write about, that I don't know where to begin. I am forty six today! That's as good a place to start as any I suppose. I haven't had time to post for a few days because of so much going on in my life. I haven't been home as much as usual and what little time I have been home, I've been pooped! This has been one of my best birthdays ever, well except for one thing. My party didn't do as well as I had hoped for in this mid-term election. It came as no surprise to me though, because so many in my political party have been acting like the 'other side'! And now it seems the new trend is that the other side elected more conservative folks in their party, (i.e. Heath Shuler of N. C.) I think my 'party' needed a kick in the pants anyway. So many have forgotten about values. They went to Washington to change government and instead, government and Washington has changed them. Anyhow, it reminded me so much of the presidential election of 2000. So close, our country almost equally divided in ideals.
Please read this quote: "We will honor the trust the American people have put in us with the promise that we will respect all Americans," Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said. "We will value your beliefs and your families as we restore America to its position of moral leadership through out the world." Didn't he sound like the 'other side' was speaking here? I have a question for you Mr. Dean. When you say you will respect ALL Americans - were you speaking to all the babies being carried in their mommy's wombs? Will you protect them from abortion? (murder)Friends, we have lost many pro-life advocates in Washington. Some pro-life congressmen, like Ohio's Steve Chabot, survived the Democratic onslaught and will be coming back to Capitol Hill in January — but many key pro-family defenders won't. ( from today's Citizen Link article from Focus on the Family)
In Indiana, Republican John Hostettler, the author of the Public Expression of Religion Act, lost to his Democratic challenger. In Kansas, Rep. Jim Ryun, a well-known pro-family lawmaker, went down to defeat. In Pennsylvania, which suffered a political meltdown, pro-family congressman Curt Weldon and a strong pro-life leader, Rep. Melissa Hart, both lost their seats. And stalwarts like J.D. Hayworth in Arizona, and Kentucky congresswoman Anne Northup, won't be back as well. On top of all this, we have to see lots more of Nancy Pelosi, with her plastic smile, as she will now be Speaker of the House! YIKES! I am noticing that the DOW is down as well as NASDAQ and the S&P! They have been consistently climbing lately. My President is speaking now. He just made the point, in reference to the war, that this enemy is not going to leave when his term is over. I am happy to see Secretary of Defense Rumsfield has resigned. I think a fresh perpective and fresh ideas will be helpful. So all this may be a good thing. It certainly is not abnormal for the "6 year itch" to cause power shifts in any presidents 6 year election. This kick-in-the-pants may be the best thing for my party! Maybe some politicians will wake up and be more accountable. I do hope everyone reading this did their job yesterday and voted. If you aren't registered, do it now, so that you can have a voice in 2008! My husband and I voted by absentee ballots which is so convenient. Now, my next post will be much lighter, as I will be writing about the "FUN" stuff that I did yesterday! Thanks for allowing me to vent today. After all -- IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!


M.J. said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your day is great!!!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday dear Aunt Pam! I hope the day is awesome!!! As far as the elections go, I'm so thankful that my citizenship is in Heaven! In the end, I wont remember who had control of the house or senate...God has control over everything and that gives me so much comfort!

Pam said...

You are so so right Jackie, but you know I am a political junkie!!! I am so happy my true future is NOT in the hands of a bunch of politicians! I had a MARVELOUS day and will blog about it soon. I am off to church now!

Pat said...

I agree with your stance, Pam!! Our complacency as a nati0on is taking it's toll. Will our voices be heard any more??

We all voted---my girls were able to vote in Kid Vote at the poll ---they love it!!


BTW--You look great in that red color!!

Love and hugs!