Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm a P. P.

I'm a P P, are you? See if you can figure out what I mean by a P.P. okay? I have so many wonderful things to share with my family members and others who find time to read my blog. (Thanks M.J. & Pat! You two are just about as regular as my blood relatives! HeHe, I love it.) Anyway, I wanted to get my digital photos ready before I posted again. Guess what? IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! My card reader is malfunctioning, so I went to CVS to put my recent photos on a CD. Tonight when I tried to upload them, NOTHING HAPPENED! So I pulled out other photo CD's and they all loaded just fine. Then I remembered the KIOSK at CVS acted slow and weird Tuesday while I was using it. I even had to call a clerk over to help. So---back to CVS tomorrow I go to try again! I was so disappointed because I wanted so badly to include some photos in this post and the PERFECTIONIST in me was telling me I had to wait for those photos or my blog wouldn't be good enough. Why bother without the photos? Then I remembered: I am trying to break my perfectionistic way of thinking. You know, contrary to many people's beliefs, perfectionists don't get a lot done (for the most part). I mean - We are PROCRASTINATORS! I am a prime example of that last statement. I find it very difficult to clean off my desk unless I know I have time enough to read each item, file, dust, shine, empty sharpener, respond to cards and letters, pay bills. If I leave my desk and there is still an item to tend to -- I feel like I did a lousy job and accomplished nothing. So normally, I pile things on my desk until it is so sloppy, I must close the office door when company stops by!!! Don't get me wrong! I love a clean desk, but I never seem to have one because I won't do a little bit each day. (Ask my niece Jackie about my desk!) Why am I so silly? I could enjoy a much better environment if I would just put the mail away right when I open it. Why won't I put bills in my bill paying center until bill paying day? Wanna know something funny? My drawers in every room are perfection, but nobody ever sees inside them other than my family. But I have areas (Fly Lady would call them hot-spots) that I fight to keep free of clutter daily. Thankfully, I have learned that it isn't necessary to be perfect for people to like me. They seem to like me whether my makeup is perfect or not. They like me whether my house is spotless or not. I am trying to check myself each time I get on a perfectionist's tangent. I've asked the Lord to help me in this. I know He loves me unconditionally. I must say that over the past 5 years or so, I have lowered my standards for my house. A lot of that has to do with priorities. You know with the arthritis afflicting me more days than not, I am limited in how much I can get done. I must get Shane's lessons done and dishes and wipe down the bathrooms. There is cooking and laundry to do. You all know the drill. Unfortunately, most days after I do the necessities, I begin feeling the inflammation and pain and must elevate my feet. I can read or listen to CD's or read to Shane. I can watch some news or nap. But those things, while necessary and enjoyable, don't keep my home organized and clean!! Oh well! We all just do the best we can. I am learning to be less and less of a P.P. Have you figured out what a P.P is?It's a PROCRASTINATING PERFECTIONIST! Its ME!!! Love you all who visit me regularly. Have a God filled day!


Jackie said...

I would like say that Pam's house is always spotless. I have never seen it dirty. The desk does get cluttered, but the house is never dirty. Hope that the machine at CVS works for you this time. You should consider getting a small picture printer. I love mine!

Pat said...

I know God is working on you n many areas---some of us let the perfectionism go by the wayside long ago, and only accomplish the necessary!! Yeah, sometimes I get convicted!! I also have a child that is bound to perfectionism, and it torments them---... it is very defeating and they are unable to move ahead with any area of their life until whatever is complete!! (much to their chagrin because other things need attention!!) your
photos...wish I was that savvy!

Hope CVS can find them!!

M.J. said...

I like you, and I have never even seen your house!!! I have never seen you, or your make-up, don't know anything about your desk either. Your heart is what shows to me!!!

Teresa said...

Ahhh, isn't that M.J. just a doll baby? Okay Pam, evidently what I consider messy and untidy is not the same for you cuz hun, your house is always "perfect"-I haven't been fortunate enough to see it very often but everytime I have, it was perfect. Anyway, I need a lil of that perfectionistic personality. I have personality flaw (one among many). I have what is called "sometimers". It's kinda like alzheimers but it's just sometimes. Love you each and every one!