Thursday, November 02, 2006

A New Resource I Am Happy To Recommend & Some Great Blogs To Visit!!

While investigating the homeschooled-kids website further today, I came across a link to Bible reading on line! I love it! Check it out!

Shane and I had so much fun in History today. We studied about the first settlers of the New Netherland Colony (now New York), and how they had to trade with the natives. I set up my own Trading Post for fun. Shane decided to trade his pencils for "trick or treat" candies! But the neat thing was when directly after the lesson, I hopped on the internet to check out my family member's daily blogs. Low and behold, my niece Jackie had posted a story just this morning about the time some indians came to her home in the jungle where she grew up as a kid. Five toothless men wanted to trade with her father. They offered her father a pig as a trade --- for Jackie!!! you must go read this story on her blog. It will give you a good laugh. I will also include the blog sites of her parent's. They make for good, fun reading!



Jackie said...

Wow! Thanks for giving link to my blog! I love having visitors. The more the merrier! I also think the trading idea was a great homeschooling thing. I'm giong to try and remember it!

Jungle Mom said...

One time when Jewel was about 8 she
decided to trade her markers to the indians. I noticed a shortage of markers and then saw all the indian women sporting new designs on their faces, arms, and legs. Come to find out , Jewel had a small business going and had acquired beaded necklaces as well as smoked worms for snacking!!So be careful what you teach your kids!