Friday, May 02, 2008

First Things First---GOOD MORNING RON!!!

Show and Tell
For Show and Tell this week, I'd like to continue showing you my Bible collection. So far, I've shared with you a Spanish Bible from my Uncle Ray's personal library and my Bi-Lingual Bible which once belonged to my niece Jackie. Remember all the sweet drawings and notes in that one?

The Bible I'm sharing today is a New Testament which was once owned by my Dad's mom, Granny Susie. She has scribbled some notes in this little Bible which makes it all the more precious to me. This New Testament was distributed by "The Pocket Testament League". Presbyterian Committee of Publication. I love the color choice for the cover, PURPLE which reminds me of ROYALTY. I couldn't find the copyright date in the Bible, but in my Grandmothers handwriting, I found the year 1925 written. This Bible was presented to her in Stacy, VA by F. E. Alock.

The antique Bible rests atop my stack of antique poetry books.

Notice the date Granny wrote at the top of this page of the Bible. (Sunday 29, 1925) Each time I look at the date she wrote here, I can't help but chuckle. She didn't note which month she received the little Bible.

I'm sorry this photo didn't come out very clear. In the back cover is a personal message written and signed by then President Woodrow Wilson.

This date at the top marks the day she gave this little Bible to her youngest son, my daddy. It was Dec. 30, 1989.

I just love the small colored pictures included.

When my dad granted me guardianship of his mother's New Testament, he also gave me his old draft cards. I wish they were legible, but after carrying them in his wallet for so many years, they are terribly worn and faded. I can make out that for his complexion they wrote "ruddy".

The other side of daddy's draft card.

This card tells my dad's height and weight, etc.

The card in this photo is labeled "Selective Service System" Notice of Classification, and where he applied. (Mullens, W.Va.)

I keep these small papers safely tucked in Granny's New Testament.

I trust you enjoyed looking at this old Bible, full of family memories. See you next week! Oh and remember, to see more Show and Tells, LINK HERE TO KELLIS HOUSE!


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh what a treasure of a Bible to have, Pam!!!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....I'm speechless....there is nothing I can say here to make this Friday any better. You rocked my world.

Happy Show n Telling ---
Happy Friday.

Mimi said...

what a wonderful walk down memory lane with you...the bible will mean as much to your children as it does to you...
such a wonderful thing to pass down..because you know that she held it in her it...and made notes in it...
thanks for sharing,

A Hint of Home said...

How very special you have this to enjoy and pass to future generations. Thanks for sharing.

Jungle Mom said...

WOW! You are like the keeper of the family history!!! I can't believe Dad kept his draft cars all these years!

Constance said...

That is an intersting piece of family history! Do you have a picture of your dad, possibly in uniform to put together some type of shadowbox display? My creative wheels are always turning in regards to family heirlooms!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What awesome treasures!

Kelli said...

That a wonderful treasure, Pam! I love the date that your grandma wrote and the draft cards are special keepsakes too!

Wanita said...

What wonderful treasures to have. Thank you for sharing them.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Daughter of the King said...

oh Pam this is so wonderful.
I wish that we had things from my maternal grandmother....I would treasure them that is for sure.

Deborah said...

I love your Bibles! My mom & dad have a 'treasure' room...filled with things they have collected over the years. I've already told them that the only thing I want is the Bible collection!
Just found your blog, and stopped to say, Hello!

A Pretty Home said...

HI! :)
just dropping by to let you know that I changed my blog address last is
so you can update the link you have of me on your sidebar
Candy :)

The Apron Queen said...

What treasures. Our children are lucky to not deal with the draft. Then again, mine volunteered to join the Army. :D Both my hubby & oldest son.

Stop by & see the new addition to our family:

Anonymous said...

The only Sunday which was 29th in 1925 was November.

See here

Treasure that bible,