Saturday, May 17, 2008

An Invitation to Prayer

SUSAN (A.K.A. AS PENLESS WRITER), has felt led of God to begin an online prayer group. I'm so honored to be a member! I've found that it has already drawn me much closer to the Lord. Not that I didn't pray before, mind you, but now that I'm committed to a time slot, it's a great motivation to spend more time on my knees before my Almighty.

You too are invited to join this blog if you're willing to commit to a time slot to pray. Your commitment can be a small as 15 minutes per day to an hour or two. You can visit SUSAN HERE to learn more about "Hearts in 1 Accord". I'm telling you now, YOU will receive the biggest blessing from this!

If you'd like to leave a prayer request for us, simply click on the button below to send in an email with the request. I'm also adding this button to my sidebar.


Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks Pam for posting this!!!!! We've just added another heart to join us because of this post. God bless you, and I know He does!!!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Pam, I'm so excited. I missed some of Susan's posts and somehow missed this one.

Thanks for posting this on your blog. I have added it to mine along with some of your words...hope that's okay.

Blessing to you always friend!

Sis. Julie said...

Stopping in real quick before going to bed to say "Hi" and that I'm praying for you!! I hope you are doing well!! My hubby is hanging in there and still rejoicing at having a bathtub to soak in now!! He is a much happier man now...LOL!!

justabeachkat said...

What a wonderful idea! I've e-mailed in a prayer request. Thanks for the info.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...


luvvom said...

This is a wonderful idea. I will seriously consider doing this!