Friday, May 09, 2008

OOPS! Sorry Ron, no official Show and Tell Today!

Well, I did feel up to eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo. However, the place was so crowded when we arrived at almost 9 p.m. that we just drove right on past. (boo-hoo) We did try a new southwestern cafe, "BUFFALO'S" which recently opened in town and boy did we enjoy it. I had the "Juanita Fajita Salad!!! So yummy!

Talked with my sis on the phone for about an hour today. We almost solved all the world's problems during that time! LOL

Shane is pressing on to finish his 4th grade curriculum. It's looking more and more like we'll have quite a bit of summer school---just trying to catch up. He's a good little student, but it seems we've had many distractions and interruptions this year. Sunday evening before last, he sang a solo in his Patch Program at church. Read all about it HERE IN THIS NEWSPAPER ARTICLE!We were so proud of him. In the program at the end of May, he has a speaking part. He is growing not only physically, but spiritually as well. He is such a blessing to me.

For now, my son's skydiving adventure has been postponed. Many in his social cirlce are being wed or graduating this month, so many responsibilities are requiring their time these days. My son will be flying out to Lake Tahoe to be Best Man in his cousin's wedding on June 7th. He's working on a great speech for the event! It will be so cute and sweet, as Josh and his cousin have been so close throughout the years. They are polar opposites but great buddies. There are many wonderful memories between the two of them.

My Mom drove out to the house today. We had some Olive Garden gift cards for her to pick up. She will be using them as door prizes and gifts at the annual Mother and Daughter Tea she organizes each year for her church. This year's theme is "A REFRESHING TOUCH". I also had a dress and two suits for her to try on, as I've lost weight and inches, so most of my clothes hang awkwardly on me now! BOY OH, DID IT FEEL GOOD TO TYPE THAT LAST SENTENCE! I could have had my tailor take them in, but they really aren't my style anymore, besides which, my mother really liked them and needs them.

Saying I've lost weight in the above paragraph is a misnomer. I visited my primary care physician on Wednesday, all excited to weigh in. I just KNEW I'd lost 10 more lbs. or so. I mean, for goodness sakes, all my clothes are baggy. My walking shorts are falling down around my ankles if I walk too fast, (not really but almost), my rings and watches are too honking big. I was psyched to be weighed in! People, I had gained 3 lbs!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather! The poor nurse tried to console me. My blood pressure was excellent she said. I retorted back to her that I'm surprised it was so good cuz I felt it rise when I saw my weight. She offered to weigh me again. I climbed on those mean ol' scales and sure enough, it still had me up 3 lbs. from November's weight. Several staff tried comforting me, even dear ol' Doc. "I'm sure you've lost inches", he said. "Muscle weighs more than fat", says the nurse. "At least you look and feel better", offers my husband. YES 'tis true! I have been exercising more and eating healthier. I do have more energy and I must remember: "I AM 20 LBS. LIGHTER THAN I WAS THIS SAME TIME LAST YEAR!!! I recently purchased a few outfits, which were 2 sizes smaller than what I had been wearing. I shall continue on this journey of better health and weight loss. I will not be defeated!

Agustin had Monday and Tuesday off this week. Our family drove out to Clearwater Beach on Tuesday for some fun in the sun. I'm burned! I used a new sunblock which can only be purchased from the dermatologist's office, with a SPF of 65. I guess it wasn't water proof though! I'm burned! Thankfully I wore a hat all day, so my scalp and face were saved from frying. My arms, shoulders and legs are another story though.

My hubby has a busy rest of the week. It started Wednesday at work and will continue through Mother's Day. Extra chairs for waiting patrons on Sunday (mom's day), ordering and stocking of commodities and food items, $22,000.00 above regular budget. Extra dishes and glasses have been ordered and delivered. Many organizational projects have been completed in preparation of their biggest day of the year!

On May 22, another huge day, as Agustin conducts a large training session for new managers and execs. He has most preparations for that in place already.

I have many things on my heart and mind, many prayer requests which must remain unspoken for now.

It's that time of year, many weddings and graduations to be attended. I love all the excitement in the air!

Remember I once stated here that the Love Language I understand most is the gift of words? So now tell me, those of you who know me---am I looking thinner or not? Be honest! Most of you who read this blog don't know me in person, so you're off the hook! LOL I've found two photos for you to compare.

Here I am last August (2007). I'm in the center.

Here I am last week. May 2008

Have a splendid weekend!


Rebecca said...

I was thinking of you this morning. I pray you are feeling better. Trust in the Lord with all your heart Pam. His grace is sufficient. Though I've never met you, I love you my sister.

Kimberly said...

Yes I can defenitely tell, even though I see you frequently the difference has been noticeable. And yes, I agree with the Dr. You should take measurements...after 3 months of therapy for my back I gained 5 lbs but have lost over 3 inches. Love you!

Missy said...

As a child, I always got mom's hand me downs. Isn't it great to return the favor. Yes, I am alive and pretty much well. I have been going to the gym Monday- Friday and working out- with sweat and everything and have only lost inches 1 1/2 chest, 1 1/2 waist and 1 hips 1/2 each thighs and arms) not pounds. I went to PC (that's Plant City) to get my hair done yesterday and looked at myself in the mirror (I don't do that often, afraid it may break!)and saw I was missing something... no not jewelry, but a chin. Now I only have 1 big chin instead of 2. So I celebrated and had Maryland Fried Chicken. That's my PC treat. Hope to see you soon.

Missy said...

Need to add I have been working out 5 days a week, at least 30 minutes a day (Tuesdays and Thursdays are 45 minutes a day) and doing the yard and housework on Saturday. On Sundays, I get my church exercise - sleeping between services.

Hang in there. Your body is also trying to rebel with the diabetes meds, too.

A Pretty Home said...

Oh Hunny.... (as we say in Newfoundland-Canada) ;)..... you look BEAUTIFUL!! And Im not just saying that. I mean it. You really look lovely. I love your clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how I can relate to this post!!!
My short term goal is to lose 20 pounds. My long term goal is to lose 55 pounds. My mini, mini, mini goal is that I didnt gain anything since Wednesday because I have to go into L A Weight Loss office this morning to get weighed. I had joined LA Weight Loss and its the best thing I ever did.... in my life.
Trying to lose weight is THEE hardest challenge I EVER had to face. We have never had a family picture done because of my weight..can you believe that!! Its true. Ive avoided weddings, funerals, family get togethers and much more because of this weight.
Those facts alone are difficult to even write about.
But nothing is impossible with God and I know I will get there and I will reach those goals. You will too. Keep going with it.
"They" say that you notice your weight loss differance after at least 25 pounds and that its hard to see it after only 20 pounds. Apparently you can feel it after 20pounds but it takes a bit more to notice it.
The hardest part is the beginning, not being able to see it much, at least for me...I cant see my weight loss differance on myself yet when I look in the mirror.

You keep going Pam. You can do it.

Love Candy

Anonymous said...

Pam, You are looking so fine, keep walking. I wish you a happy Mothers Day. To all you bloggers, if you have a Mother still living, please call her and let her know how much you love her. Don't wait until she is gone, it will be too late then.

Amber said...

Hey, Aunt Pam!!! I'm hooooooooooome! =D

I'm happy to hear that you are feeling much better. Just thought I would stop to let you know that I'm still kickin'! lol. Have a great day!

WomanHonorThyself said...

gorgeous girl!..keep up the good work !!!

Carrie said...

You look wonderful. I can tell by your posts that you are feeling so much better and I am sure that helps with the exercise.

justabeachkat said...

Remember age and what's on the scale are just numbers. It's how we feel and how we act that counts. You look wonderful. Just keep on keeping on.

Hugs sweet friend.

Pat said...

The clothes do not do justice to how you really look!!

I know how hard you are trying and that you do LOOK Better--and of course there all the other bonuses such as health!!

You go!!!

Jungle Mom said...

I've seen you and you are much thinner. Don't let a three lbs. on the scale let you deny the joy of losing 20lbs!!! That's a major accomplishment...I think you gave every last lb to me tho!!!!

Jackie said...

My, my! Woo Hoo!! Who is that FINE lookin' woman in the bottom picture?? :-) You look FANTAstIC, and the outfit is adorable! If I can learn to drive a stick shift, you keep on keepin on! (or should it be off?)

Deborah said...

You look lovely! and yes you look like you've lost weight. Don't let the scale get to you...I think the best judge is how your clothing feels!
I'm almost to the end of my own weight loss goal. I didn't quite make my birthday, so now I'm aiming for our anniversary in July. This last 5-10 pounds is the hardest! But it is so worth it to feel better!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

CaraqueƱa said...

You're an inspiration, Pam, and you look fantastic! I'm ALWAYS fighting that battle...hope to have more time for exercise when I get Home (that is, South America!)...God bless, enjoy your salads!

Daughter of the King said...

I know this struggle and yes I can tell....
it is so hard.....
and food does taste rather good, don't you think?
I know in Heaven I will be thin...Praise the Lord.

Happymama said...

Beautiful, Darling!


Thursday's Child said...

As long as you know you're looking and feeling different, who cares about the pounds? As long as your doctor can see the difference you're doing great.


Mishel said...

Wow!! You look GREAT Pam! I know you're not happy about that 3lbs., but my goodness, you look good girl! : )

lady jane said...

You're beautiful. :o)