Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello World, It's Been A Long Time

Have y'all ever heard that old country song I used as the title for this post? I feel like my poor little blog feels cheated on! I haven't posted since Saturday, and have only logged on to the internet once or twice for short periods this week.

Am I busier than usual? Maybe a tad! The school year is winding down and I feel we have lots of loose strings to attend to. Then there was Mother's Day and Luncheons. I will add photos at the end of the post.

Another reason for my absence this past week is simply this: I've been trying to spend more quiet time with God. I have many burdens on my heart. Many emotions which only my Lord can curb. I do feel I'm growing and stretching at this period in my life. He is molding me and making me into His image more and more daily, chipping and carving away those things which don't look Christ like. I in my flesh, fight it at times. I see God working! I see God's patience with me and with so many others. It's amazing!

I haven't spoken much about the fact that my nephew is getting married on June 7, out west at LAKE TAHOE SOUTH SHORE. What a gorgeous place! It will be an outdoor wedding. My son Josh will be Best Man and my brother John (the groom's uncle) will be a groomsman. Josh and John hosted a Bachelor's Party for my nephew last Saturday night. Don't worry! All are Christian young men so it involved a steak dinner at Lone Star Steak House. (which is now owned by DARDEN, the same company which owns Olive Garden and Red Lobster). The guys are pretty psyched about the trip out west to Lake Tahoe. They ended the evening with hours of games and laughs, but no women jumping out of cakes! (As far as I know anyway! *winks*)

I'd like to share the following photos of our church's Mother & Daughter Luncheon which was held on May 3rd. This Saturday, May 17th, I'll be attending the Mother & Daughter Luncheon at my parent's church in Tampa. Knowing me, I'll have plenty of photos of that day to share here next week. The theme for their's is "Spiritual Refreshment".

The theme for MY CHURCH'S luncheon was "A Special Touch".
Each place setting received one of these gift bags which included the items you see pictured here.

This list was attached to the front of each gift bag to explain what each item should signify in our lives. Enlarge to read the fine print!

Here is our Pastor's wife (in the solid blouse). Mrs. White was this year's recipient of the Esther Award. This is a yearly award given to a godly lady who has the qualities of Queen Esther.

Baby Caroline's ticket had the winning number for the drawing from the kiddies basket. She was awarded this sweet, itty-bitty, pink purse which was sewn by a dear lady in our church.

Our guest speaker, Mrs. Amy Nance, Me, and our Pastor's wife, Dina Naill. Amy spoke of the woman who TOUCHED the hem of Jesus' garment and was healed! If you know this story from the Bible, then you know the lady had suffered from a severe illness. The Bible says she had an issue of blood. She was probably very anemic and weak, but fought the crowd to touch Jesus. See how well Amy tied her message in with the theme of "A Special Touch"? The woman in the story had tried every form of treatment known in that day. She had been to Dr. upon Dr. but she never gave up searching for that fullness of healing. My heart was touched and encouraged by Amy's words. My friends, have YOU received that special touch from Jesus? He not only enjoys healing our physical maladies, he wants to save our souls and freely give us eternal life. If you have any questions concerning salvation through Christ, please feel free to email me at

I possessed a winning ticket as well and just looky at what I won! These goodies helped represent the theme of "A Special Touch" as well. A dermatologist who attends our church donated $1300.00 worth of product for door prizes and such.

This is the pretty table I sat at. I wore a lavendar suit so I blended in well!

This was my favorite table of all! In keeping with the theme of the day, the hostess called it "The Potter's Touch". I think it should have won the contest. Notice the hand prints on the plastic table cloth. Also the tiny clay pots which were at each place setting.

Notice the pieces of clay and the artist tools on the lazy susan?

This table was decorated with single girls in mind. Enlarge to read the signs. I love the warnings as the road winds up to the top which has a bride and groom signifying marriage.

Miss Charlotte, the single gal who decorated this table. I told her I'd publish her photo and announce that she is LOOKING for a godly man! Maybe that's why she is smiling so pretty!

Blessings my friends and have a most wonderful weekend!

Love and Hugs,



Webutante said...

I send love and hugs to you dear Pam and will keep you in my prayers.....

Amber said...

HAhahahahah!!!! Charlotte is so funny. That is like, the funniest table I have ever seen. How clever. And me, also being single, find it extremely appropriate. Ahahahahahah! I love the warning signs.

Kimberly said...

Am very sorry the girls and I had to miss this year. Ashley had SAT testing in St. Pete. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Pat said...

Looks like lots of daughters!!

Where was the banquet?

Hope you had loads of fun!!

justabeachkat said...

Gosh, that looks like a fun time. Great photos. You sure looked pretty.