Sunday, July 01, 2007


I wanted to let everyone know how much your prayers are appreciated by our family. We know our loving Father heard them and has blessed us all by the arrival of my sister and her family safely to the good ol' USA!!!

Wanna' hear something funny? I think I failed to mention in last night's post that Clint's suitcase with his suit, ties, dress shirts and dress shoes was lost. However, when I left their home last night, Clint had received a call from American Airlines telling him it had been found and dispatched to his address. Well, that isn't the funny part. Here is the funny part! Last June when Clint and family arrived in the USA for a visit of a couple of months, they also flew on American Airlines. Guess whose 2 suitcases were lost on that trip and still haven't been found? You guessed it, Clint's! He must be jinxed or something! Maybe American Airlines just doesn't like him! He did receive a check to reimburse him some months later for that loss. We are wondering if someone in Singapore or Africa may have his clothing! LOL

During their visit last summer, Jungle Mom was in Wal-Mart aplenty. So it has really just been a year of withdrawal, but that doesn't make it any easier on "re-entry". Speaking from experience, it is very overwhelming with all the choices and variety one has here in America, after returning from living in a foreign country.

I just spoke with my nephew on his cell phone. I was happy to hear that Clint's suitcase was delivered to him intact, but not until 3:00 a.m. this morning!!! I didn't get to speak to my sis as Josh V. had already left for church. I'll be so happy when The Jungle Hut crew gets their landline established!

Many of you have mentioned you can't wait to read Jungle Mom's blog postings when she gets settled in enough to do so. I'm right there with ya'! One of us will be sure to post photos!

Yesterday, during our hours of wallerin, (wallowing, with my mom's country, West Virginian accent mixed into it), Rita told me many interesting things! One neat story happened in the airport in Venezuela. A gentleman mentioned how he had noticed how well the Venezuelans enjoyed American things and culture, (movies, McDonald's etc.) and he didn't think the government in place now would last long. Jungle Mom asked him how long he had been in Venezuela. "Eight days" was his answer. She proceeded to tell him she had been there twenty years and he had not seen the other side of Venezuela. She started telling him a few of her nuggets that have kept us all tuned in to her blog. The gentleman pulled out a small notebook and pen and started jotting things down that JM was saying. He then asked her name!!!! As Rita (JM) told me this, my heart jumped into my throat! Did my sister leave there just in the nick of time?? Who was this British man writing down her words??

Tune in tomorrow for --- "THE REST OF THE STORY!" *bwahahahaha-evil laugh*

Well, I need to go freshen up for our evening church service. God bless you all!


Ashley said...

OOOH! That's not even right! I want to know the rest! LOL

But that is HILARIOUS! What is up with Uncle Clint's suitcases? Maybe it's actually cause he's such a sharp dressed people steal his clothes!!



Beach Girl said...

Waiting for the rest of the story!


Happymama said...

WHO WAS IT?? WHO WAS IT??? shame on you for leaving us hangin'!

Hey, my parents are from WV too. Little town called Mann.


Kelli said...

What?!!? I don't want to wait for the end of the story! LOL I'm glad that Clint got is suitcase back!

Susan said...

Oh, good grief! You would leave us hanging like that! LOL

Kimberly said...

I'd like to guess he was a journalist, but would hope he was better informed on world politics.
Who was it? Come on...pleeaassee!

Baptist Girl said...

LOL...hmmm wait till tomorrow

foot tapppppinnnnggggg.


Ruth said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. You sure know how to hook a reader! LOL!!

I'm catching up on everything after being gone for a week.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Waiting patiently....not really, I don't have patience! Can't wait to see pictures either!


Oh, boy , what a cliff hanger! I was right on the edge of my chair. I am so glad all of your family have arrived safely and I thank God for answered prayer. Thank you, Pam for letting us know. I think someone must like Clints clothes and they watch for I am glad he got them back this time. Give them all our love and say hello for us. connie from Texas

serendip said...

It's so wonderful that Rita is back, finally.

Waiting with anticipation for the rest of the story!

Jackie said...

Ha ha! I know who the man is...!!

Daughter of the King said...

Thanks for keeping us up on JM adventures....I am relieved that they are here....enjoy their visit.

Anonymous said...