Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm A Happy Woman!

Hi All! It's been so great having hubby and Shane back home, even though Shane left again today! He and his brother were invited by the Leonard family to join them on their vacation at their condo in Orlando! Last night, Shane said he definitely wasn't ready for ANOTHER vacation! It was so funny the way he said it. He was sunburned and very tired. This morning, he heard me on the phone asking Ashley to be sure and let her mom know he wouldn't be going with them. Shane walks out into the den and asks, "Now which parks are they planning on going to?" I tell him "Universal Studios" and "Islands of Adventure". He smiles and says, "Well I had a great night's rest and I think I want to go now!" So naturally I told Ashley I would have to call them back once I had a chat with Shane. His sunburn looked less swollen and he was eager to go, so off he went with Josh around lunch time today! I miss him! He was only home for about 12 hours and was sleeping most of that time! Well at least I have Agustin with me!

He took me HERE for supper! (see photo below)

And I ate this! (see next photo)
Well of course I had a garden salad first!
Some of the best sweet cornbread you ever bit into! Oh with honey butter!

And we did this! (see below)

I feel so naughty when I brush the peanut shells off the table onto the floor! Agustin refuses to do it. I always laugh when the server comes to our table and scrapes Agustin's pile onto the floor. He almost chokes on his food every time! Tonight, as she swept the shells off to the floor, she said,"Go ahead, honey. Do it like this, It's okay!"

After stuffing ourselves, we went to a new furniture store that just recently opened in our area. We drooled and planned and giggled. It was so much fun.

Next, off to CVS to put the photos of the trip to Mexico onto a CD. (NOTE: If I had received what I asked for back in May for Mother's Day, I would no longer have to go to the store to get my digital card read!) We were there for an hour! YES! Too much to explain here. Suffice it to say that due to technical difficulties, I must return to CVS tomorrow to pick up my 2nd CD and some photos I had printed up.

Last on our stop was JCPenney's! I had been there earlier this week while alone and whiling the time away. A beautiful comforter for our bed was marked down almost half off and it included the shams and bed skirt as well. The accessory pillows and valances were half off too! The colors were just what I wanted! So I ran that by Agustin tonight. The price was just too good not to tell him. Once inside Penney's, he agrees we should go ahead and purchase the comforter set while the cost is so much lower than usual. Agustin would pick it up and I would say, "HMM I don't know. Maybe we should wait." Twice he picked up that big bundle and put it back on the bottom shelf. Then I remembered I had seen another comforter with similar colors but the package price included 3 accessory pillows and 2 Euro shams, a set of sheets, the bed skirt, and of course, the comforter. All that was marked down from $350.00 to $174.99!! Needless to say we grabbed it up! I had perfect peace that this was the way to go. I can't wait to get the sheets washed and the bed skirt steamed tomorrow and see how gorgeous my bed looks! I will take PHOTOS!

I'm so thankful the Lord checked me before I made a more expensive purchase! I am just as happy with my 2nd choice.

Okay, now for a few photos from Mexico. I will post more about the trip on Monday.

Agustin's parents with the graduate, Berenice, their BABY!!!

Shane at the dinner table with his "abuelitos" (granparents)

I call them "THE MEXICAN MAFIA"!! LOL I think they have forgotten how to smile! Don't they look scary? Well, except for Shane!

Bere with Eric and his girlfriend. Eric has already graduated law school and is practicing law in Queretaro. Unfortunately, this photo was snapped right when he blinked!

Agustin (in red tie on end) with all his living siblings, minus one. His sister Ruth, is a missionary in Argentina and wasn't able to make the big shin-dig. Two siblings have gone on to heaven.

Elias, Mario, Berenice, Imelda, Agustin


Penless Thoughts said...

Eager to see your new bed treatments.

Happymama said...

First of all....don't you feel naughty when you throw peanut shells on the floor? I love that. LOL

And I enjoyed all the pictures. I know your husband and son felt blessed to be there and I'm sure, especially for Agustin, he had a great time seeing his family.


Julie Fink said...

So glad your family is back! Beautiful pictures!

Jodi said...

You *are* a Happy Woman ... it shows in your post. You sound like you're just bubbling over with joy. :o)

I'm so glad you got your guys home. I'm sure Shane will be in for a lot of loving when he swoops back in from this extra trip. How great for him to spend time with his big brother, though! He's getting lots of male bonding, isn't he? LOL He will certainly be in the mood for some Momma hugs when he gets back!

Congrats on your bedding purchase. I look forward to the pics.

It was fun looking at the pictures of Agustin and his family. I bet his folks were thrilled to pieces to have all but one of their children together. (And congrats to Berenice!)

Have a great weekend!

Jungle Mom said...

The Mexican mafia. I wonder if the not smiling thing is from the indian heritage? None of our indians would ever smile for pictures. Remember grandma Suzy?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Great photos and fun times! The pictures of your meal made me hungry!

jennifer said...

I am so happy that all are home safely. I love all the photos, and am happy that we live in times where such travel is permitted.

I like Susan cannot wait to see the bed makeover!

Jackie said...

I wish my scanner was working so that I could scan a picture I have of me and Bere when we were little. My how we've both grown. She's graduated from law school, and I'm about to have baby number two! Time flies!

Lyndy said...

Oh yummy food and a night out with hubby...sounds like a great night. Then shopping to boot. Look forward to seeing your new stuff.

HsKubes said...

Glad they made it home safely.
Your supper looked delicious. We have a steakhouse here that we get to throw the peanut shells on the floor, too. The children love it!
Sounds like a lovely time to spend with your beloved. ;o)
I enjoyed seeing the photos from Mexico.
Enjoy your weekend ~

Oh, by the way, I haven't forgotten about that song. Ally and I hope to do it soon (maybe tomorrow). I will be sure to let you. ;o)

Mishel said...

Great pictures! Your dinner looked so yummy! I love to go to dinner with my hubby too and what fun that you two found a great deal! I love when that happens. I can't wait to see your new bed ensemble! : )

Anonymous said...

You are having so much fun...good for you! I think I'll grill me a steak tonight! :o)

Baptist Girl said...

You are blessed!...and that steak looked mouth watering! Glad everyone is home safe and sound.


ElĂ­zabeth said...

Nice pics!
and a funny thing, about the smiles, I think Rita hit a nail on the head.. it's something about the indian blood. Some of my anties and inlaws don't smile for the camera. Me: I think God gave me those pearlies to show them!!!

Regards from Caracas,

Tiany said...

I loved all the pics, what a beautful family you all have!!! (Looks like my family, tee hee :-)

So glad they made it back safe and sound!