Monday, July 02, 2007


The British gentleman who took Rita's name and quotes in the airport was a journalist/reporter from one of London's liberal newspapers! How many of you thought it was a government agent at first? THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT! So glad it wasn't. I haven't spoken to her today since they don't have their phone or Internet yet. I will keep you posted. Oh and please pray for Clint. He flew to Chattanooga this morning to pick up the van they purchased from a friend. He started driving home today and should finish the trip on in here by tomorrow.

Hey - Jungle Mom posted Monday morning while at the library! Go check out the detailed account of her trip at

Agustin and Shane are doing well in Mexico. They had a wonderful time at his sister's graduation celebration Saturday night. To my disbelief---they left the party before the Mariachis arrived! It was pouring "gatos y perros" all evening and even a hail storm took place. They got wet just getting into the party. They left the party at 2:30 Sunday morning to get a few hours sleep before church time. The food was delicious I'm told and all were so very tired and ready to go home!

I was pleased that everyone loved the gifts Agustin, Shane, and I picked out for them!

It was wonderful hearing Agustin speaking about opportunities to visit with his cousins, aunts, and uncles, even some of his former Sunday School teachers! Yes, Rita! He was able to present Shane to Hermana Louisa Webb and to Pastor Jimmy Lee!! *smiles and winks* They asked about you guys and were wondering how you were handling all the troubles in Venezuela right now. Agustin caught them all up to speed. He said they actually had some very nice conversations! He saw Luisa and Brother Lee Sunday evening at a new church that has recently been started in Queretaro.

Oh before Shane left, he wrote a little story and posted it. Would some of you mind going to his blog and leaving him a comment or two? I know he would just love seeing them and reading them when he gets home! Thanks! His address is

I had a busy day today so I am off to bed! Sleep peacefully!


Anonymous said...

I actually thought it was a journalist who was speaking with Rita...specifically, the one that Rita talked about on her blog who was boycotting Israel. Wouldn't that be a humdinger! :o)

Also, Pam, can you explained to me how you got the "God Bless America" and the dolls on the front of your blog. I can't figure out how you did that. Thanks!

Abouna said...

Glad your sis and her family got home safely, and far from Hugo's pudgy little clutches.

Jodi said...

I love coming here ... there is always something going on! :o)

So glad Rita and family made it to the USA safely. Your story of Wal-Mart reminded me of when my husband's sister came home for our wedding. They had been in Germany for a few years. She ran up and down the bread aisle squeezing the soft, fresh bread. Germany does not make *soft* bread. My hubby was only in the Philipines for 1 1/2 years (in the jungle), and he was kind of shocked when he came back home.

Anyway - back to topic of *this* post - lol...Glad your hubby and Shane are enjoying themselves with the family and seeing old friends. What a special time for the two of them. I know you miss them ~ hugs to you!

jennifer said...

Great updates! Hope all is well while Guys are away!

I would love to read the story...would he be accurate or politically correct?
We will have to wait and see...

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Hope Clint makes it home safely!

Jungle Mom said...

I had fun reading about myself!!!

Barbara H. said...

I didn't know you were Rita's sister!! Our church supports them, and I have had so much fun getting to know Rita through her blog -- I just discovered it a few months ago.


I am glad your husband and son got to where they were going safe and had a very good time visiting with your family there. I know you will be glad to see them get home. So glad Jungle Hut and her gang got home safely and you all are getting to spend some time together. What happy family time. connie from Texas

Kelli said...

Great update!! Yes, I thought it was a government agent..LOL! Glad it wasn't too!


Kimberly said...

For once I guessed something correctly! Hope Rita and Clint enjoy the 4th of July in the states.

Happymama said...

Hey, I left your son a message. I know they're having a good time in Mexico.

Hope you had a GREAT fourth of July. I'm just glad to be home today. My house fell apart these last few days. I think if I just throw a bomb in the house, I could clean it up faster. LOL