Thursday, January 22, 2009


After "being real" on my last post (showing my messy desk and office), I've now earned myself an assignment from none other than, DRUM ROLL PLEASE - dun, dun, dun,
Mighty Mom! She left the following comment for me!

"girl, you need a list of GOALS!! small ones. break it down to tiny tidbits so that you can get each one done in about 5-10 minutes. Don't try to tackle the whole desk at once or you'll never start!!let's see here.
Goal 1, decide where each shelf and pic will go on the wall, draw sketch of placement.
goal ,sweetly ask h ubby and son to hang in place.
goal 3, transfer dates, toss calendar
goal 4, put duct tape in it's proper place..on top of the TV, you must keep duct tape readily available AT ALL TIMES!! it can not get hidden on floor.
goal 5, "I'm a stickler on doing things right. If I don't have time to do it right, I prefer not to do it at all!" redefine "right" to mean "progress not perfection" --this will take some practice.
There, that's enough for this week. Next week we can see where we stand and come up with 5 more!"

Don't you just love that? I know I should set goals. I know I should take baby steps in accomplishing big projects, I know how to organize, but for some reason, reading Mighty Mom's comment made me want to get at it. I think I should hire her as my personal coach!!! Her comment also made me start thinking about all she carries on her shoulders as a mom to 3 precious kiddos, a wife to a veteran, a nurse, a crafter, and an amazing blogging friend to me! When I read of all the wonderful things she does with her children, I'm convinced "MIGHTY MOM" is the right title for her! I'm especially touched by the fact that she took time out of her busy life to leave me a detailed list. It really means alot!

I just popped over to her blog to get her correct URL. Lo and behold, if she hadn't posted about GOALS!!!

As of today, I have completed one item from the list of goals. See photo below to determine which goal has been met!

Another comment from Deborah led me to her post today to find some humorous encouragement. Check out her post about her desk! Love you Deb for making me chuckle today!

Each comment about my mess, er desk, was encouraging. I found out that I must have a long lost brother as well, who shares the Messy Desk gene with me!

HOW MANY OF YOU ARE WILLING TO POST A PHOTO OF YOUR DESK? This means you take the photo right away BEFORE touching a thing on it!!! I believe some of your desks probably are as neat as I wish mine to be, but according to all the comments on mine and Deb's posts about this desk thing, most of you have this messy desk thing in common with me! *smiles*


Penless Thoughts said...

That Mighty Mom is mighty!!!! She came to my aid with my weight ticker.

Jungle Mom said...

MM! She is my long lost twin sister, so I guess you two are related.
The duct tape is on the TV now, where it belongs according to MM.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Ummm let's see you changed out the white bag for the Olive Garden bag.

Girl, I can't talk, I've got pictures still leaning against walls too.
Thank the Lord for Mighty Moms. I love them, but I'll never have that much energy. :)

I so resemble your dilema. I'll have to see if I get enough courage to post a picture.

Good job on whatever you did.


retha said...

I think it was papers you sorted.

I might just go do that photo too. Our house is not very big, I need to only have what we really need. But stuff grows so quickly.

MightyMom said...

YES!!! First Down!!! 10 yard gain!!

Let's Go Pam!!
Let's Go Pam!!
Woo Hoo Pam!!

The perfect place for duct least till you get that flat screen, then we'll work something else out. HAHAHA

take your time, and you'll have a touchdown before you know it!

I'm posting goals every Tuesday and you're a sweetheart for playing along. I will happily put up a pic of my desk....and my sewing machine, and I'll find the one I took of my craft closet too...then there's the dining room table...and the kitchen counter. We aren't neater, we're just more spread out!! :-)

Hold tight for me till after friday when I have some time off and I'll happily share my mess.

But only because YOU asked me to!

I can't wait to see how you do with the other 4 goals this week.

Shane Rios said...

U changed the duct tape hehe i was there when u said what u were changing tho' so i cheated oh well.