Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Isn't God the Greatest???


Aunt Tommie - so happy her big sister is home!

Thank you all for your prayers! God has blessed me with a wonderful day. I began my day in prayer and very concerned for Aunt Donna. They had kept her in the hospital last night. She was badly dehydrated and had that "pasty" look. Many tests were performed and without going into too many details, let me just say that a previous health problem was rearing it's ugly head. Because any life threatening issues were ruled out and because she was able to keep the breakfast and lunch she ate down, they released her.

Mom and I were on our way to visit Aunt Donna in the hospital when my cousin called to inform us that Aunt Donna was being released at that very moment! Yippee!! It was late evening, but we drove on down to Aunt Donna's house to show her some love. We stopped in at a Publix to purchase a cheerful bouquet of flowers and some fruit and cheese. Shane sent Aunt Donna a photo of them together and a handmade card. She seemed to cherish it.

Upon arrival at the house, I peered into the living room window, thinking I'd see Aunt Donna in her recliner and the others around. Ron's car was in the drive, Deb's car was in the drive, lights were on in the house, but it appeared NOBODY WAS HOME! (Sort of like my brain!) I rang the bell and Ron came bee-bopping out of the kitchen. "Is Aunt Donna in bed?" I whispered respectfully. He cheerfully exclaimed, "No, she's in the kitchen cutting up a chicken!" Classic Aunt Donna! Such a fighter! She made her way out to greet us. There she was, all 5 feet of her, in her cute little housecoat, smiling and hugging us as if she had invited us to dinner! You never would have known she had just spent the night in the hospital. I was instantly relieved! Deb had bought some rotisserie chickens, mashed 'taters, veggies, and rolls. Oh and lest I forget-a coconut cream pie!! We prepared a plate for Aunt Donna and served her in her recliner. From what I could tell, she only nibbled on it a bit then slept. The rest of us gathered around the dining table and enjoyed each other's company while we ate. Ron and Deb were both so very tired. They hadn't gotten home from the hospital until two or so in the A.M. and Ron had worked today. Deb spent the day sitting at the hospital with Aunt Donna. Both were in good spirits nonetheless. Isn't God the greatest???

Agustin and Shane stayed here in town so Shane wouldn't miss his Patch Club tonight. In church Agustin heard that Mike L. was home after his heart cath today and ....dun dun dun surgery is needed! They think his problem can be handled with medication. Isn't God the greatest??? I'll call Kim tomorrow to get more details.

I saw dad this evening at his home before I headed down to Aunt Donna's. He looked so much better than when I had last seen him only on Sunday. He seemed to be getting his strength back, his color was back, and he was planning on going to church tonight - and sitting on the platform as he usually does. Only difference, his clothing was more casual than normal due to not being able to wear a tie and coat due to the cumberbund velcro thingy keeping him from moving his shoulder and he wasn't going to preach. He does plan on returning to the pulpit Sunday. What a blessing! I'm always amazed at how God so designed our bodies to heal. Isn't God the greatest???

Oh I almost forgot!! Debi left Aunt Donna's right after us. We both were stopped side by side at a red light on the main stretch of Sun City Center. (This is a retirement village with golf carts galore during the day!) Anyhoose, Debi was in her son's RED sports car, five speed with dual exhausts. Hot car! Did I mention it was RED? When the light turned green, she and mom sped out. Mom in her family mini-van and Debi in her red, hot sports car! Guess who got away fastest and noisier?? MOM!! hehe Just kidding. It of course was Debi. Did I mention her car was RED? I bet she giggled all the way home! Just the thought of drag racing and the noisy engine in mid Sun City late at night had me giggling!
(Personal note to Debi: "Thanks for egging my mom on. That is JUST what I needed to calm my nerves for the drive home.*winks*)
Some photos from Sunday!

You can count on it! If these two are in the same room for more than - oh let's say ten minutes - there will be a wrestling match!


Susan said...

Yes, our God is the GREATEST!!!

Mrs. C said...

Hey! My mom and dad live in Sun City Center! They drive golf carts, too. :]

Mrs. C said...

I forgot to say I love that pic of your aunt!

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the updates on the family! WHEW!
I would so love to hear from DEB!

Kimberly said...

Glad to hear everything went well for your Aunt and that your Dad is doing so well. Yes, Mike's cath went well, I'll catch you up later. Thanks for the prayers.

Deborah said...

O taste and see that the Lord is good!
I'k so glad you had such good news!
Oh, and the pictures are great...just like my boys!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I never doubt that God will answer pray. Glad to hear that all is well.

Rebecca said...

Yes Pam, God is the greatest! Thank you for singing His praises.

MightyMom said...

great news all around!!

Humble wife said...

Boys...mine are the same.

Praise God for the good news.

Kelly said...

Glad to hear that your Aunt Donna is so much better and that your dad is doing better too. God is so good.

Love the little drag race with the RED car, too! What fun!