Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Several In Need Of Prayer

Right after posting about the "Traveling Rocking Chair" tonight, I received a call from my mom telling me that my Aunt Donna was being taken to the emergency room due to vomiting all day. She is not very big and is 82 years of age. Most of you probably remember her from several of my posts in which I've mentioned her and shown photos of her. I haven't heard if they kept her for observation. I'll know in the morning and pass the news on to all of you who are so faithful in helping me pray.

While on the phone with mom, I had another call coming in but chose to let voice mail pick it up. It was my friend Kim Leonard. She also sent me an email telling me that her husband Mike had been admitted into the hospital. He'll be having a cath done at 11:30 Wednesday morning. Mike was diagnosed with heart trouble about five years ago. Lately, he has been feeling just terrible and passing out. His stress test last week proved that further exploration was needed. This week, while participating in the FLIP TABLE test, he passed out more than once. I spoke with him on the phone tonight and he sounded like his cheerful ol' self!

Thirdly, a family friend, Thom Demas was helping a friend move some boxes. One box he grabbed had metal stripping around it, which cut deeply into his hand. He is bandaged up and in need of prayer.

Of course, you can continue to pray for my daddy who is recuperating from shoulder surgery.

Whew! I think that's about it for tonight! The blessing in this is that each and every one of these dear ones know the Lord as their personal Saviour! Thanks for praying friends!


Jungle Mom said...

Tell them all I am praying and thinking of them!

Susan said...

You know we will pray.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I just prayed for each of these request. Hope to get good reports from you soon.

Love the pictures on the side and your handsome sons!

I know you are one proud momma.


Kristi said...

Lots to pray for! There's been so much going on around us, hasn't there?


Mimi said...

you have given us enough to keep us on our knees for a good while..

You and yours are on my prayer list...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Sometimes prayer is all we have, and the more people who pray for the same thing, the better. Yes, my prayers and thoughts are with you and those whom you have requested pray for.