Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not In The Mood To Post Today

My emotions today are in turmoil as I watch the innaugural ceremonies. I wept as President Bush arrived on the platform. I trust that we are never as vile to our new President as many Americans have been to President Bush. I pray that I have the grace to moderate my anger when those same folks that disrespected President Bush so outwardly now speak to us via media and preach at us to unite, to come together for the good of our nation. Why didn't they do the same while we were a nation at war? Yes, today represents an awesome transfer of power, peacefully. Thank God for that! I love my country and promise to pray for my new president while not agreeing with his politics.

I do think Obama's girls are adorable and it will be fun to watch them grow up in the White House.


~~Deby said...

Praying today Pam...maybe my post will encourage you today.

Mrs. C said...

Well, I couldn't even bring myself to watch that. I hope the girls leave the White House in exactly four years. :]

Though I agree the disrespect is way over the top.