Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Remember this photo from a couple of weeks ago? My cousin Ron showing Aunt Tommie and the rest of us a completed rocking chair. You can read the entire blog entry here.

I've decided to always refer to the rocker as "The Traveling Rocking Chair" because of all the states it has traversed while in parts. Those parts have now been put together by Ron and a new seat has been created. I think it's just beautiful sitting in the living room of Ron and Ellie, don't you? I'm including the email cousin Ron sent along with the photos today.

Hi Pam, Just thought I’d send the pics of the completed
“Traveling Rocker” all complete. Papaw had made a slat type seat for it but over
the years it warped to the point it is unusable. This is the most uncomfortable
chair you will ever sit in. It’s just too straight. Our little Becky likes it
just fine. She has very good posture and sits very straight anyway, so it suits
her just fine. Also, the seat is just 18” wide so that limits just who will be
sitting in it.

The chair is special in it’s own right just because it is
the “Last One” and will be treasured for years to come (Just Like YOU).

Love, Ronk


Joy in the Burbs... said...

That chair will be a family treasure and heirloom I'm sure. It is beautiful even if it isn't comfortable.

I'm lovin the background. Your all set for Valentines. You need some girlie girl pink with your house full of boys. :)


Anonymous said...

I love the pink and the man in the rocker pictures.

Susan said...

How beautiful it turned out and how special. Glad to get the final chapter of the story.

Jungle Mom said...

Remember how straight granny's back always was? I am so tickled to see this finished by you.
And Pam thanks for sharing!! And please make sure Ron and Ellie read this!!!

Betty said...

The rocking chair looks great!

And your new blog design too!

Kristi said...

Wow, it looks so beautiful! A real treasure!


Pat said...

What a precious memory for all of you that were there in the picture!!

And what a completion for somehting many of you wanted to take place, What Joy your uncle Ron must have!!

I think the cahir is beautiful. With an 8" seat, maybe it was made to just behold its beauty!!

Pam said...

Who is it that LOVES my cousin Ron? Oh I think I know!!hehe

Pat - you make me giggle! Ron is my COUSIN and I believe the rocker is 18 (eighteen) inches wide, not 8!!! That would be funny!

justabeachkat said...

The chair is gorgeous and so special for your family.

I hope your Dad is improving every day.


MightyMom said...

they made em different back then!!

how wonderful it's finished...fraid I'll never sit in such a small chair!