Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fun MEME- Thanks Kelly!

Kelly from Cozy Comforts tagged me for this amusing MEME. Open your document or picture folders. Choose your 6th folder, then choose your 6th picture. Post the photo with a description about it. Then tag 6 more friends to do the same.

This is the sixth picture in my sixth folder. We were attending a Sarah Palin rally in "The Villages" Florida back in September. Country music singer Aaron Tipton entertained the crowds while waiting for the real star (Sarah!) to arrive! The crowd was so massive, that we couldn't even catch a glimpse of the stage, so we watched everything via this big screen.

I now choose:

1) Rita at The Jungle Hut

2) Jen at Pen of Jen

3) Jayde at Verja Bunny

4) Mighty Mom

5) Jackie at Busy Little People

6) Kat at Beach Kat

Feel free to decline if you're too busy. Just be sure to let me know if you do it!


MightyMom said...

you tagged me???

boy are you lucky it's after New Years!


I'll get to it...........eventually......

Jackie said...

I did the meme! It was fun!

Penless Thoughts said...

I remember you attending that Rally well!!!! I was envious.

Humble wife said...

I will look first~in case it has the elusive me in the photo!

This is a silly fun one for sure!
pen o' jen

The Young Artist said...

Hmmm... This sounds pretty cool. I think I'll try it. Maybe if I keep it going, we can get the whole blogging world to do it too!!!:)

Nina in Portugal said...

How fun! I went and looked at my "6th" picture...just to see what it would be if I were to play along!

Jungle Mom said...

I finally did it!

Kristi said...

This picture is hilarious. When I first viewed it I thought the man to the right must be a punk rocker. Then I realized that was a tree in front of him. LOL


Kelly said...

I'm glad you enjoyed doing this little meme. I love to do the unusual things.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Pam

Between the Holidays, our trips, our family visiting, etc., I've been way behind in getting to visit. I've felt so bad about it and now I feel even worse knowing I missed seeing this until now. How sweet of you to include me. It's way past my bedtime now, but I'll play along tomorrow when I do my post. What a fun meme! Thanks again.

Hugs sweet friend!