Friday, January 30, 2009


(ADDED LATE FRIDAY NIGHT: oops! My bad. I just corrected the gentleman's name in next to last paragraph. I had accidently typed an extreme liberals last name in place of Anuzis.)

Okay, I admit it---I'm a political news junkie! I try to abstain from getting too awful political on my blog but for today, I must share my current interest!

I've had CSPAN on all afternoon, waiting to see who becomes the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee. They are now on the fifth ballot since no one has received the necessary 85 votes yet. With each round of votes, the man with the least has generously withdrawn his name. There are now three men left with Ken Blackwell withdrawing just moments ago and throwing his support soundly behind Michael Steele!!! Michael has had my support for some time now. He and I are "real tight". We are each other's friends on Facebook and we follow each other's "tweets" on each other's Twitter page. Yeah, Mike and I are buddies! Too bad he doesn't know who in the world I am!!! LOL

I've researched all the men running for this chairmanship, as I think the Repubs have a lot of work to do to once again become the responsible party with a grasp on controlled spending. We need a likeable and energetic person who maintains morals and know how to use modern technology for the growth of the party. I've watched Michael over the past few years and have grown to respect him. After much reading, I've been hoping Michael wins. Ken Blackwell was my second choice.

So now, as the ballots are being collected once again, the SUSPENSE is rising! Will one of the three remaining men get the needed 85 votes to close this thing?

I need a life don't I? hehe

EDITED FOR THIS NEWSFLASH at 3:30 - Michael is ahead after the fifth round of ballots with 79 votes, still not the necessary 85!! Saul Anuzis just withdrew his name. The sixth round of ballots will begin after a fifteen minute break. OH THE DRAMA! OH THE SUSPENSE! hehe
EDITED AT 4:53 FOR THIS NEWSFLASH! Congratulations Michael. Finally after the sixth ballot count, you came out the clear winner. I loved your acceptance speech, boldly telling obstructionists they would be knocked over and warning the northeast to watch out 'cuz we're moving in! You're hilarious at times and I like that about you. I know you had been labeled as a moderate during your run for the senate. I implore you now to stick to our conservative roots and you'll bring this party back!


Susan said...

You have a very important life....keeping us informed on these important political issues. This is one area of the chairmanship is one I knew nothing about. Thanks for your information. We need each other. It's what the Body of Christ is all about!!!!

Susan said...

I turned it on and see you got the desire of your heart!! YEAH

Z said...

IT'S THE DESIRE OF MY HEART, TOO, PAM! I AM ABSOLUTELY THRILLED! My hsuband says I have a crush on Michael Steele..I tell him that if he can enjoy Meg Ryan that much, I can enjoy Michael Steel!
I LOVE how he used to woop Alan Colmes' .... and he's always SO knowledgeable and SO funny and so nice.

I could NOT be more thrilled! GREAT POST!!!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Once again, prayers do work. AMEN!

MightyMom said...

Reps gotta get conservative and vocal and mobile....

MightyMom said...

aight girlie, get over here and pick up your goals for this week!


Jackie said...

Congratulations on your win! ;-)

Webutante said...

Hey, Pam. Am also very glad he finally nailed it. Will be good for the party as it rebuilds on rock solid principles.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Pam,
I'm not an American but my husband and I follow USA politics and Michael was a great choice, we have heard him on Fox many times and think he will do a great job.
Hope all is well with you and your family.


The Young Artist said...

MMM.... I don't understand political stuff too well, but I do understand that your blog is very festive. But I must ask. Why is there no Steeler stuff on your blog for the Super Bowl? Everyone should have some kind of stuff about them. Right? I am just playing around with you. Your blog is very pretty.

M.J. said...

Hi Pam!!! I love the new look of your blog!! How do you do that? Please check out my new blog, can I put a link from mine to yours?

justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend

I haven't been by in awhile, so I've enjoyed catching up with you.


Live.Love.Eat said...

I am the total opposite of you and don't know much about politics at all. I think if I felt like I could believe what I was hearing I would listen more. who knows.

Thank for you coming by and saying hello!!!!!