Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wanna Do Something Fun?

If so, then head on over Jen's
and join in on her caption contest for today. I just came from there and absolutely LOVED the entries that have already been submitted. Go visit for a good laugh if nothing else!


Rose said...

I may try the "three things" list next week, I'll let you know when I put it up.

I heard about the place in Amsterdam when while I was looking around the internet for various missions trips. I wanted something that wasn't connected to a particular church, kinda hard to find, when I came across that. One of the hostels was just a few blocks from where Anne Frank lived. It looked very neat and exciting. :)

jennifer said...

Pam thanks for the plug! You are too fun.

Guess what I am doing the day before vacation? Laundry of course!!!:(

jennifer said...

Why break tradition, I am compelled to comment again...

My last comment to you inspired a whole new post on the home school blog!

Warning must have unusual sense of humor!!!!!

Sherry said...

I will click over there to check it out. Thanks and God Bless You Pam!