Monday, May 07, 2007

Interviewed by Penless

Susan has submitted these questions for me to answer. I agreed to do it before seeing the questions! YIKES!


1) If you were going to lose EVERYTHING you owned and could only save ONE item what would it be? And why? (this can't be a person, it must be a thing) my Bible! It comforts and encourages me, and I would need a lot of that!

2) What was the worst mistake you ever made? Why or what caused you to make it? I once shop lifted some makeup from our local TG&Y when I was in high school. My sinful nature caused me to do it! At the time, even though I was a Pastor's daughter, I wasn't truly saved. I was trying to live the Christian life on my own strength! However, I was also hanging out with some bad influences who taunted me into it! We were relatively new in town and I was trying to fit in. It was the first time I had to attend a large public school since 5th grade. I was weak!

3) What one person has had the most influence in helping you become who "YOU" are today? Why or how? (this has to be someone you've personally known during your lifetime)
My husband! He has loved me when I've been very un-lovable. This has helped my confidence. He has helped me see that I don't have to "act" or "be" perfect all the time. I was also a very impulsive person who acted first then thought after the fact! He has helped me get and keep my priorities in order. Most importantly, he has been a loving example of strength. I've seen him climb some huge hurdles in life, but he never gave up! Of course, God gets all the glory here!

4) If you had a 2 week all-expense-paid vacation to anywhere you wanted to go, where would you go? Why or what would you do? Can I split it up? I would love to tour Europe, see the castles, shop and eat in Italy for a few days! Then I would love to take my hubby to see his sister in Argentina, where she, her husband, and 3 boys are missionaries. We would love to actually see them interacting with their ministries. Then we could pop over to Paraguay to visit my niece and her little family, then up to Mexico to see my husband's parents. His dad has Parkinson's and is getting worse. I would add Venezuela, to visit my sister and her family and see their ministries in person, however, they are leaving there soon and I get to see them here in Florida in June!!

5) What is THE one most important quality or trait that you look for in a friend? Why? Positive Godliness! So we can have sweet fellowship and hopefully make this world a better place!

6) What one trait do you find the most annoying in a person? Would you still be friends with that person? A critical spirit! I could be friendly but not best friends. I would want to be around them just enough to let them see a positive spirit in me, with God's help.

Thanks Susan, that was fun and a little challenging. My answer to number 2 was the hardest, but I had to be honest!

Okay, you all know the drill. Any volunteers to answer 5 or 6 questions which I will make up and post here? If you would like to answer my interview questions, please leave me a comment on this post stating so. Thanks! Be brave!


Penless Thoughts said...

Greeeeat job Pam. You answered pretty much as I thought you would based on what I've learned about you. My Bible would also be the one thing I would save. I'll have to extend your all-expense-paid vacation way past 2 weeks to do all you'd like to do!!!!! I thought your choices were great. Neat to have family serving the Lord in so many places>

Thanks for letting me Interview you. ((hugs)) Susan

M.J. said...

I will answer some questions...why not? I like taking surveys, and plus...I got to know you a bit better, now you can know me a bit better too!!!

jennifer said...

Pam I am going on vacation but I will answer on my home school blog if I receive them tonight or tomorrow.

Great answers, and I love the answers. I believed that I have been getting to know you well and the answers seemed like the Pam I read every day!

And I can never imagine a day that you are anything but lovable and a delight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Momma Roar said...

This was fun to read!

Kitty said...

These were great answers!! I love your phrase "Positive Godliness"!!!! I believe you exemplify this trait very well, and I've been keeping the phrase in mind as it gives me something to aspire to!! :-)

PortraitofPeter said...

Indeed challenging questions - but you have risen to the challenge with such wonderful answers.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

These were great answers, loved getting to know you a little better!