Monday, May 21, 2007

Junior/Senior Banquet for FBA

Mom and Son take a few moments together before the evening begins!

Josh searched high and low for pink cuff links, finally acquiring them Sunday afternoon, the day before the banquet!

Little brother Shane couldn't be left out!

First try at putting the wrist corsage on Ashley!

"Here, let me try it this way!"

" Okay, they say the third time is a charm!"

Ashley's dad teaches her how to put on a boutonniere!

I think it also took three tries!

The Couple, finally ready!

"Can we just go now?"

Mike and Kim - the perfect chaperones! HeHeHe!

Notice how perfectly the roses in the wrist corsage match Ashley's dress!

Tonight was a special night for my son Josh and his friend Ashley! Josh had the privilege of escorting this beautiful young lady to her Junior/Senior Banquet. She attends Faith Baptist Academy, which is one of the ministries of our church. Rather than a prom with dancing, they had an eloquent banquet with delicious food, fun games, a great sermon from God's Word, and wonderful Christian fellowship at The Rusty Pelican Restaurant which is situated right on Old Tampa Bay! A professional photographer was hired and photos were taken in a gazebo overlooking the Bay. I can't wait to see those!

The Gazebo overlooking Old Tampa Bay where the photos were taken before dinner.

After the wonderful time at the restaurant, the group headed to the bowling alley where they changed out of their formal attire into recreational fare! Josh has already shared a few great stories with me! *wink, wink*

The Banquet Room

Here are a few photos of this evening. There will be more to share with you all later. Enjoy!

Ashley and Josh

Josh and Ashley outside our house

Josh helping Ashley into the car

Kim (Ashley's Mom) seems happy to be tagging along as a chaperone with her hubby Mike of course!

They were so excited and BEAUTIFUL!!!


jennifer said...

What handsome young man, and noble too!Ashley is very pretty, and I look forward to reading about how much fun that they had!
We are planning a home school prom in the fall, so ideas are welcome:)

jennifer said...

Oooh I love the updated photos! Josh has your eyes! I love the number of tries to get the flower and corsage on...brings back memories!
Shane is like me when I was younger, no matter what I wanted to be part of my siblings experiences,and I am glad that you are so wonderful and allow him to!

Your boys are so handsome!

Thanks for all the pictures!

Jungle Mom said...

I Love it! They are so cute together. Good to see Kim and mike as well. Brings back good memories!

Beemoosie said...

Oh what fun!!! Are you that pretty mom in the beginning??? ;)

Penless Thoughts said...

Such sweet, innocent fun for a lovely couple making wonderful memories. Maybe they'lll be posting these pictures on a blog someday years from now. he he

Kitty said...

Pam I love the pictures of all of you guys!! I can see that your son has given you so many reasons to be proud of him. This brought back great memories of my proms. I love the pink tie, and Ashley's hair and dress are so classic and pretty. The only regret I have about mine is the enormous 90's hair and dresses that are so tacky, you'd have to have been a teen in the 90's to appreciate them... Anyways thanks for sharing these adorable pictures!! This will be me in a couple of years!!

groovyoldlady said...

PINK cuff links. Wow.

They're both very sharp looking. I hope they had a wonderful time.

Ashley said...

Haha yeah the corsage and boutonniere experience was funny! LOL I really enjoyed last night! I had the best time! Joshua is the perfect gentelmen and me and him get along perfectly. Even when he was quiet at the table because of all the people whom he didn't know, him and I had nice conversations! as usual! I couldn't have been happier! And doesn't he look handsome?(rhetorical question here, folks)

And I know he had quite a few laughs watching me attempt to bowl....irk...

Candy said...

beautiful pics :)

HsKubes said...

Wonderful photos. I'm sure everyone had a lovely time!

~ Christina

Lyndy said...

Again, beautiful pictures. Flowers are gorgeous too and matched perfectly.

I still can’t get over those beautiful cuff links and that tie. Wow. They say clothes make the man...well your Josh is a million bucks. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

Oh to be that age again.

Haus Frau said...

What a truly lovely couple! And what fun they had...I skipped over to Ashley's blog and read about her excitement in planning the evening. Very nice :o)

Abouna said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful Kids, God Bless them both and God bless you.

Quill of Bill said...

Excellent photos! Enjoyed seeing the fresh vibrant youthfulness of all in each photo.
You truly are blessed.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Great pictures. What a handsome young man!

CaraqueƱa said...

It's so nice to see them enjoying themselves together AND enjoying her parents participating in the evening...what a testimony!

Mishel said...

What great pictures!! Josh is so handsome (love the cuff links!) and Ashley looks beautiful! It sure looks like they had a fun time. : )

PortraitofPeter said...

So happy at seeing such amazing photo's of Josh and Ashley.

They both look so very proud for such a wonderful event.

I do hope they both had an amazing evening.

Pallacanestro said...

umm, thank you for all the nice comments bout me! But Ashley was the better looking of the 2 that night!

It was a fun time to be there with her and her parents! Great time!

pink&blackjunglebunny said...

They are very nice together. I LOVE Ashley's dress, and how it matches the corsage and everything. It is all just so CUTE!!
Keep praying for Maddie McCann.
Have an awesome day to you and to Josh and Shane and the Leonards.
God Bless You All

Sherry said...

The photos were outstanding. Josh looked so handsome and of course Ashley so pretty.

I'm glad they had a wonderful time.

You have so many reasons to be proud.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful couple!! I hope they had a wonderful night!!


Julie's Jewels said...

Awwww. Thanks for sharing these. They looked just great!! I love the picture of you with your boy. You look so proud...and he looks like he loves his momma just a little LOL!! I'm glad all went well. I can't wait to see a picture posted of them in the gazebo. (hint, hint) Love you!!

Trella said...

Beautiful photos. It sounds like a very sweet night.

luvvom said...

Very handsome should be proud!

luvvom said...

Your sister sent me over here to ask you if she has any common sense. :o)

luvvom said...

She was talking about herself and how fast she reads. I asked her her IQ and she said it was high but had no common sense and to ask you if that were true. LOL! Now I know why she likes critters and why she likes to eat worms! hehehehe!