Saturday, May 26, 2007

Special Prayer Request

What a week! I thought since I'm feeling so much better with my new meds, that I would be able to dig in and really clean my house. However, it seems that I feel too good to stay home! LOL! It does seem that with Dr.'s appointments for my husband and myself, along with other things that have needed tending to for awhile, we have been running the roads alot lately.

Some of the things we accomplished this week follows.

*Saturday, Mother and Daughter Tea at my mom's church (They had it a week after Mother's Day so that some girls from college would be home to attend.)

*Sunday night, Shane was in the final "Patch Club" program for the season (He won the Super Sailor award for consistent Christian testimony and a spirit of giving! Photos to come soon!)

*Purchased suit, shirt, tie, socks for Shane to wear to his aunt's commencement from law school

*Took Shane and said suit to the alterations shop for ...well...alterations! :)

*Went to Dr.'s appointment Wed. to be told I have type 2 diabetes,(YIKES!) along with a couple other new health issues

*Went with hubby to have x-rays taken of his shoulder and knees

*Made appointments for hubby to see orthopedic Dr. and for my 2 hour class on managing diabetes

*Paid lots of bills (Wanted to pay more, but ran out of money! LOL)

*Cleaned my desk half way, still have some things to deal with

*Lots of business calls

*All the regular things to run a household!


Many of you who have been reading my blog for awhile may remember my post about my dear friend Patti. I received a phone call from her today and right away, I could tell she had something to tell me that was weighing heavy on her mind and heart. She asked me if I was sitting down because she thought my knees might buckle at the sound of her news. Then she started out, "I'm okay. I'm driving somewhere right now and I'm fine, but I just want you to know so you can pray. I have breast cancer."

My dear friend Patti!

Boy, was I ever glad she had told me to be seated for that bomb! Now Patti knows that I have been through breast cancer with my mom and several aunts. Even my sister, Jungle Mom, has had a few issues with tumors and cysts. And I know that Patti has had some health issues and a couple of surgeries over the last year and a half. Her spirits were high today as we chatted about her MRI she was on her way to and the type of cancer she has. The particular type of cancer she has is the kind that if you have it in one breast, there is a 95% chance you also have it in the other breast. She assured me that she knows God makes no mistakes. He knew that on May 23, 2007, she would be told her biopsy came back positive. He was not taken unawares. She blessed me today with her vibrant testimony and faith in Christ! I think she encouraged me more than I encouraged her!

Ladies, Patti found her lump in a self-examination! The Dr. sent her for x-rays which came back telling her it was just mass and tissue. That was back in February. Over the last couple of months, she has felt that due to a pulling feeling and changes visually, something just wasn't right. She returned to her primary care physician who ordered a biopsy. Her Dr. just kept telling her over and over how proud she was of her for pursuing this and not just taking some one's word about the x-rays! HINT FOR ALL FEMALES: Do your monthly self-exams! I mentioned earlier that my mom has had her share of breast cancer. She has found all but one of her lumps. Once the Dr. found one. I'd like to ask all my praying blogging friends to please remember Patti as she is awaiting the next step after the results come back from today's MRI.

A second request I'd like to mention is concerning my mom. She drove from Florida to North Carolina to speak at a Ladie's Conference. She will be speaking Saturday morning. Please pray for God to have his way in each attendee's heart. Please pray also for my mom to have the words, grace, and discernment she will need. The theme is simply, "LOVE." Then Sunday, for traveling mercies as she will drive all afternoon to West Virginia to spend a few days with her sisters and brothers.

My mom, Loretta!

Thanks you all. I know you are a praying bunch and I am honored to *know* you!


Abouna said...

Patti will certainly have my prayers, and I will pray for you and your husband's health.

By the way, what is money? I haven't seen any in so long. It is gone before I get it.

Oh well, take care and God Bless.

luvvom said...

Your friend and mother will be in my prayers as well as those involved in their lives!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for sharing all these, the good and the bad, with us. Yes, we are a praying bunch!

Ashley said...

Wow, I will certainly pray for Ms.Patti...that's a hard thing to get through. But The Lord knows.

And I'll also pray for Grandma Riffe, I didn't know she was going all the way up there! LOL

But I'm so glad you're feeling better! That is such an extreme blessing to me to hear! See you Monday!

Julie Fink said...

I have prayed for Patti & your mom! I will continue to lift them up in prayer.

Teresa said...

I will keep your prayer requests on my heart. I'm glad to know Patti has a positive attitude and trusts in the Lord...that means everything!!

Haus Frau said...

Words don't usually come easily at times like this. Please know I'm ever so sorry to hear about your friend's breast cancer, and I'll certainly lift her up in prayer. Our Lord is faithful <><

I'll also pray for your mom, that the Holy Spirit would speak through her and do a work in the other ladies hearts. May it be a blessing to all and bring them into a closer walk with Christ. And travel mercies there, over to relatives, and back home again.

Bless you this day...

PortraitofPeter said...

Be assured that your dear friend 'Patti' and your dear mum are both in my prayers and thoughts too.

Jodi said...

Pam ~ praying for your dear friend, Patti. It sounds like she is one well grounded (in the Word) lady -- her sweet spirit is a blessing! May the Lord bring her peace and healing.

Praying many will be blessed by your mom's sharing. And also praying for yours and your husbands good health!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow, you have had quite a week. I am certainly praying for your friend...have had breast cancer in our family and each story I hear just touches me.

jennifer said...

Oh Pam, of course I will pray for you your family and your friend. God is absolutely in control and I feel comfort in that every day.

Abouna asked a great question...What is Money??

Love your NM blog friend!!!!

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the fotos Pam. let Patti know I am praying and can relate!God is able.
Great foto of mom!
so good to hear you felt up to all you accomplished!!

Susan said...

Praying today for your friend Patti and your mom. Also for you, as you learn to deal with type 2 diabetes. I have it too (although I'm not a model patient by any means), so I can identify with what you're going through on that!

Jungle Mom said...

Pam, go check out Groovy's blog!

groovyoldlady said...

It's tough when someone you love has cancer. I will pray for Patti too. So glad she knows the Lord!

Sweet Georgia Peach said...

hello Pam, sorry about not typing you in a while, I was like hmm... I wonder why Pam isn't typing me, then I realized I haven't been typing you either:) I hope all is well. So is your son back from college already? Does he stay in Cali for the summer and work. I am so glad to be home, it's nice. We are actually in NY right now visiting family close to Rochester/Buffalo, we are leaving to go to the mountains of NY near the thousand islands to stay in a log cabin, I am sort of excitied there is not hot water or electricity, lets see how that goes:) ttyl

Lyndy said...

Oh that picture of your mom is just beautiful. I so wish my mom's health was good enough to drive and travel. Please know I am praying for your mom and for your friend Patti. What a lovely person she seems to be. I know this has to be a scary time for her.

Glad you are still doing well on your new meds. That is a blessing.

Rebecca said...

Praying for Patti and all the rest.


I am in prayer for Patti your friend, is she the one you like to hear play the piano? I pray everthing works out for her.

Your Mom, I know will be great in her speech and the women will be blessed. I will pray the Lord will really use her and also that she has safty throughout her trip and returns home safely.

My prayers will also be with you in this thing called "diabetese." In the last year my husband and I both have been told we have diabetese. It is one more thing that keeps us on our toes in this life. May God be with you as you learn how to take care of yourself and Iknow you will. connie from Texas

Daughter of the King said...

praying..praying....breast cancer is near and dear to my heart...
and for your mom....And YOu...dear PAM.....

Deby are officially linked to my BLOG !!!

Candy said...

Hi Pam,
I will be praying for Patti and your MOm today.


Anna S said...

I don't know you, but I just said a prayer for your dear friend. I hope she recovers to full health.

God bless.

~Ginger said...

How are hearts go our to our friends when they are suffering. Aren't we glad we serve an Awesome God!
Thanks for your reminder to all of us...we have a huge family history of this awful cancer as well in my family.
Blessings and prayers to you and your dear friend!

Baptist Girl said...

I will keep Patti in prayer adn thank you for your words of encouraging all ladies to go out get the breast examined. My mom had breast cancer and lost one of her breasts, that was about 15 years ago. She is still here with us, thank the Lord. Examination is SO important.

I will also keep your beautiful mom in prayer too!! Beauty sure runs in the family!

The saying a womans work is never done is sooooo true!

I have not been on the internet much this past week, life just gets so busy and there sure is priorities in life.


Sherry said...

The Lord will always watch over his sheep. Tell her not to worry and place her faith and trust in the Lord Almighty in Yahushua's name.

Kelli said...

Pam, I will be keeping your friend, Patti and your mom in my prayers for sure. Such sweet pictures of them both.

Happymama said...

I'll definitely be praying about your dear friend, Patti. It does make a difference in our circumstances when we know the Great Physician!

I'll pray for your mom too, who by the way, you look like! :)


Beach Girl said...

Prayers.....YOU BET!


Mishel said...

I will certainly be praying for Patti. What an encouragment just reading about her wonderful attitude! And thank you for the reminder to all of us ladies to do our monthly exam. : )

I hope your mom's conference went well and I am praying for traveling mercies as she makes her way back home.

And for *you* dear lady--for your health issues and now regarding the diabetes--I will be praying. (((hugs)))

Abouna said...

Pam: Breaking news coming over Fox News. Gun fire going off in capital of Venezuela. Local police on the side of the people against Chevez, but National Police are moving in as the people (Students and even elderly people) are rioting big time. The people claim that this is just the beginning.

A Venezuelan actress has just said in an interview, that Chavez is causing a civil war in Venezuela.

When you contact your sister, please tell her that I said she should get out ASAP or to get some where safe. I am praying for her, her family and the Venezuelan people.