Sunday, May 10, 2009

To All My Wonderful Mommy Friends

Happy Mother's Day!

I wasn't able to attend any Mother & Daughter Teas this year, so I thought I would FINALLY post some photos from one that I attended last year at my parent's church.

You know me, I'm always a little late!

The cute little flower shaped cucumber & cream cheese tea sandwiches!

My place at the table. Mom decorated this one with her own china. Notice the photo of mom, my sister Rita and I which she had thoughtfully placed at my seat.

Some of the yummies created by my friend Pat and her daughters. Top level, scones! Bottom level, chicken salad croissants and tiny tea sandwiches!

Different ladies in the church volunteer to decorate and set the tables. Their guests sit with them the day of the tea. This is mom's table.

Me & Mom
May, 2008

Some of the ladies who attended.

Our guest speaker and soloist.

More attendees.


The gift laden table! Mom always plans on giving away MANY gifts!

The program.

Look what I got in my Mary Kay gift bag! Eyeshadow samples and lipsticks.

Shane @ Chuck E. Cheese's

Josh @ a hotel
Two blessings God entrusted to me.


Betty said...

I agree! God has entrusted us with blessings and how sweet it is!
Happy MOther´s Day!

Webutante said...

Beautiful and oh so yammy, Pam!

Happy Mother's Day, m'dear.

Jackie said...

I love how much Josh and Shane look alike in those pictures! Happy Mothers Day!

Candy-Faith said...

Happy Mothers Day Pam!
Now thats a tea party I would love to be at :)

Jodi said...

Happy Mother's Day, ((Pam))! I know your blessings have only grown more precious (& adorable) with time ... but oh what cutie-pies they were when they were wee ones! :o)

justabeachkat said...

Love the photos, especially the ones of your sweet boys.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, I can SO see the Little Prince doing that!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing the belated Tea Party pictures. I love it where different ladies take a table and set them up individually. Always fun.

The two pics of your son's, when little, are precious.

AllyJo said...

Girlfriend. When ya coming over? I've been really busy trying to get everything taken care of with my daughter graduating, etc. I've been sewing a lot too. What have you been up to?

Your pictures from your mother's tea are lovely. That food looks wonderful (I'm starved) and that china is gorgeous. I love anything with little purple or blue flowers.

Have you been smelling all the fires this weekend?

Do you know Bridgewater? Just wondering.

Love and hugs. Don't be a stranger. Sorry I have neglected you. It wasn't on purpose.

AllyJo said...

I'm still drooling over that china. Will your mom loan it to me too? (forever)? LOL

AllyJo said...

I'm looking at your tribute pictures of 911. I miss George Bush.