Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Feliz Cinco de Mayo!"

You can tell Shane is thrilled to have his mom videoing him! (*sarcasm*) But we do truly hope that y'all had a great Cinco de Mayo. The French were defeated in battle by the Mexicans in Puebla, Mexico. That is what the big hullabaloo is all about!

Check out this happy little video!CINCO DE MAYO

This is what I fed my finicky husband for lunch before he rushed out the door to manage an Italian Restaurant! It was my stab at making the day special for him! LOL

Hey, they're actually pretty good. You can find them in your freezer section at SAM*s!

Note: I'm all for border control, but my husband is Mexican, so I think we can celebrate this holiday for him and to instill part of my husband's culture into our sons. We do this in our home. We don't demand the American government to recognize Mexican traditions. True, many places of business use it as a big money maker-which I think is loopy. I mean, I don't recall ANY business making a big deal out of "Fourth of July" while I was living in Mexico. By the way, my husband came here legally 22 years ago (1987) and was finally sworn in as an American citizen on August 4, 2000.


Anonymous said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Susan said...

The 5th of May. Cinco de Mayo. Shane looks really cute.

groovyoldlady said...

I can't believe you made Shane do that! You are shameless, Pam! (and oh, how I admire you!)

I have a friend who was a "Sam-ite" and she fed me those toquitoes before. They were muy bueno!

Betty said...

Feliz cinco de mayo a vos tambiƩn! :=) Loved the video!!

Joy said...

I love Taquitos. I buy them in flour tortillas though.

Muy Bien video.


justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

I'm finally back from my blog vacation and having fun catching up with everyone. You've been busy as usual, I see. Cute video of Shane.


Jungle Mom said...

feliz cinco de mayo!!!

MightyMom said...

you're a mess

but I really loved the disclaimer at the bottom! so perfectly true and perfectly you.