Friday, May 15, 2009

A Doll & A Hoot!

First - the DOLL!

I met "Ally Jo" today and Shane met her son. For those who may not have read yet, Ally Jo visited my blog a couple of weeks ago. Through days of comments back and forth and some emails, we found out we live in the same neighborhood and we both homeschool our sons! We both feel this is a blessing from God, especially after meeting today. We really seemed to hit it off. She is so down to earth and good hearted. She loves the Lord and her family. My kind of person! She has such a sweet voice and loving personality.

I called her as we were walking out our door, telling her we were in route, walking her way and we'd arrive at her house in 5 min. or less. When I turned the corner of her block, I could see that she and her son were out in their front yard and they both started waving us in! Then in a flash, she was running toward us, laughing. I knew from that moment on we'd get along just fine. Below is a video to prove how she greeted us.

Here she is running toward us. Before she began running, she yelled out,
PAM!" She looked and acted so young when I first spied her waving at us, that my first impression was that it was her teen daughter.

Our boys seemed to "click" and love the same style video games. What a blessing it was to hear their conversation coming from the front room.

Ally Jo and I visited in her den and cut out a dress pattern! I hadn't touched a pattern since high school when Maxi skirts were in and I had to sew one for Home Ec.

I met her husband briefly. His personality reminded me of my husband's; very polite and business like.

After two and a half hours, I made the move to leave. It was hard to leave such a warm, hospitable home. It was hard to break up the boys visit. Not to worry though, because they just live around the corner from us so ---WE CAN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN TOMORROW!
(just kidding, I won't be one of those obnoxious neighbors. However the invitation was put out there and I so appreciate it.)

Here is part of a comment I received tonight from Ally Jo:

"Gosh girlfriend, I'm wiped out. Allyson got home 45 seconds after y'all left. *sniff* I watched Spongebob with Jonah and slept until 4:00. My hair is washed now. Wanna come back over. Send Shane over tomorrow to play. It's going to be like sweet angels laughing again to hear kids playing in my house. God is good. And so are you. I loved talking to you and hearing so many awesome stories. You should be a writer."
Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jonah & Shane, gaming!

Here she is folks! My neighbor, "Ally Jo"!

This is the sweetest cat we've ever met! She jumped up and looked sweetly into Shane's face and said, "MEOW!" (Translated, "Please pet me my new friend.)

"Ally Jo" & her handsome son. Such a sweet young man!


Remember a few posts back I put up a video of my cousin Gehrig describing what he thought was in my empty picture frame? Well --- HE'S BAAAACCCCK! He left me this adorable comment which refers to that post and includes thoughts about my Mary Kay Party as well:

"Pam....That FRAME is not EMPTY!!!!!

Come on, I don't know about you showing that work of art to women at your Mary Kay Party although I can understand why they would be interested.


Oh Gehrig, I wish you were here right now so I could hug you but you don't even need
to be here to make me giggle!
Love ya' man!
Oh, and don't be jealous! I think you're a DOLL too!


Susan said...

How wonderful!!!!

Betty said...

I´m so glad your "meeting" went well. I hope the boys hit it off and that they become friends.
Sounds like you had a great time!

Mrs. C said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! Imagine the coincidence finding each other like that. :]

Jackie said...

Oh Gherig. You make me laugh. That is tooooo funny.

Anonymous said...

What a cute post!!! I am so glad you have a new friend for you and for your son!! =) It could not be more perfect, it seems!! =) Heehee, if I were your neighbor, I would probably be that obnoxious neighbor coming over all the time!! =) Because you are so nice!!

Jungle Mom said...

Haw fun for you and Shane!
And Gehrig is a hoot, we must be related or something. I am jealous he left you a comment and has never visited my blog!!!!!

jAne said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful you and "Ally Jo" hit it off, Pam! The fact that both your sons hit it off as well is such a precious boost and blessing. How awesome is HE!!!


Gehrig said...

You can tell Rita I did not know she had a blog. Send me the link and I'll be sure to drop by although I hope she is not showing off any RARE photos of me to her friends like some of my family seems to be doing.


AllyJo said...

Thanks for making me sound so nice. Wish I had dressed up a little bit more. You look all pretty in your Mary Kay.

God bless you this weekend. I probably won't be around me.

Joy said...

Looks like you two are going to be great friends and neighbors to each other. That is great that Shane is already hanging out there. Are you getting the sewing bug? I made a skirt recently.
Oh, I also made washing detergent today. Didn't you make some recently.
I'll put the skirt on my blog one day.
Ally Jo looks like such a sweetie. I'd love to be there horning in on the neighbor time. It's great you are so close you can actually walk to each other's house. Who knew.


Webutante said...

What fun you're having Pam! And who wouldn't want to be your good friend!? All are indeed fortunate and blessed!

Jungle Mom said...

Gehrig, My blog is family friendly!

groovyoldlady said...

How cool about your "new" neighbor!!!!