Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Hear Thunder....

and hear drops of rain! Praise the Lord! We are in such dire need of this! Hope it rains enough to count, but not too much! I have family recovering from flooding up north. How ironic!


Ally Jo and I have so much in common it seems. She found me through Lady Jane's blog. Lady Jane blogs from California! What a small world huh? I can't wait to meet Allly Jo and her family! She has an eleven year old son whom she home schools and an eighteen year old daughter who is graduating this week. She nor I allow our sons to hang out with the kids in the neighborhood. We neither one have met boys our son's age whom we would feel comfortable for ours sons to choose as best friends. This really could be such a big blessing for us both! I'm giddy with excitement to think Shane may have a fellow home schooled eleven year old boy right in the neighborhood!

Check out her blog here!

P.S. It has already stopped raining!


jAne said...

Oh my goodness, that *is* a small world!!! Two blocks! hehe..awesome! I pray the boys will click and that you and Spookie (what I call her) will as well. You're on the same page with some key points already. :o)

Know what? When I come out in September/October we **must** somehow all three of us get together. My time will be limited so it may be just for a morning, but let's plan it!

Joy said...

That is wild you live so close to another wonderful blogger. That is awesome you have so much in common. I want blogger friends close by.
I went and checked out her blog.

Hope it rains more. I know those spotty showers stink when you really need a good soaking.

My parents are always telling me how dry it is there.


MightyMom said...

I shall have to make sure the rain I send to Steph D. makes a stop by your place first!

justabeachkat said...

I've been blessed to meet quite a few of my blog friends "in real life". I hope your visit together is fun. Take photos.


AllyJo said...

All of a sudden it hit me. Reading your post almost has me in tears. God is so good.

I just looked up your address and your behind us down the street. We walk by your house some time with the dogs. If it wasn't so hot, I would put on my shoes and a bra and run over there right now. ROFL

Crazy how it took a friend out in California to find each other when we're a quarter mile a part. I'm kinda of in shock, that God would be so funny...I feel like laughing how He does things sometimes.

Jonah is a very nice boy, but a little reserved at first. IT's all good.

AllyJo said...

You know what else is funny? I stay up late as well. Next time you can sleep, just come on over. Or we can Midnight Muse blog together. hahaha

Pam said...

Okay Ally Girl, that does it! I'm calling you right now! Your comments made me LOL! My Shane is reserved at first as well. But of course, darling. Look how much we all have in common!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad to hear that you have found not only a nearby blogging friend, but a homeschool one as well! We are very picky about who our boys play with, too. The neighborhood kids are not acceptable. Too many of them use a lot of inappropriate language. Fortunately, we have a wonderful church where our boys have made friends and homeschool co-ops and small groups.

Gehrig said...


That FRAME is not EMPTY!!!!!

Come on, I don't know about you showing that work of art to women at your Mary Kay Party although I can understand why they would be interested.