Monday, May 18, 2009


Just read the last small entry I made here. Man, I shouldn't post when I'm so sleepy! I'm so embarrassed at all the mistakes it had. This post may not be much better though, due to the time. (2:26a.m.) I'm experiencing this little thing called PAIN! After the busy weekend, I expected this though.

I loved all the fun comments y'all left for me. I'll try to post photos tomorrow. Right now, I'm off to visit my cousin Gehrig's new blog HERE! It seems we've "reeled him in" to this bloggy world! BWHAAA!


Just for fun!

I've been scanning some of my dad's favorite vintage photos. I thought my cousin Ron and sister would enjoy these.

Remember all photos are clickable for better viewing.

My dad's father, Booker Clark Riffe stands in the center.

I remember Grandpa always wearing a hat unless inside of course, then the hat could be found on a peg inside the door.

The gentleman in glasses is my dad's Uncle Armour England.

The old homeplace of Uncle Armour England. This log cabin is where the England family reunion is held annually in early August. I was delighted to be able to get the key and explore the interior while I was in West Virginia last summer. I'd love to be able to restore this place inside and out!

When I toured Uncle Armour's log cabin, this sign was the first thing I saw

upon opening the door.

Somewhere in this photo is Dad's Aunt Merby.

My Granny Suzie's mother. Dad's grandma, Arminda Horne.

(Don't you just love her boots?)

Dad's Aunt Americo (Aunt Merky) with her husband. This is one of Nichotie's daughters. Nichotie being my dad's great grandmother and full blooded Cherokee! This photo was taken in coal country (West Virginia). Notice the cold, dark mountain behind them.

Ha! After publishing this on my blog, I clicked on it to enlarge and was suprised to find another man hiding behind them!!


Susan said...

Net old photos.

Jungle Mom said...

Oh how fun! Thanks for scanning these photos!

MightyMom said...

cool pics!


I love the history of families. I love the pictures and the Hope the pain is better soon. connie

AllyJo said...

Old pictures are always fascinating and a wonderful thing to see. Thanks for sharing them.

Can you believe this rain? Didn't I say last week how I really miss long rainy days, like we would get in Texas? LOL

My sister was baptized yesterday. It was a gloriously, amazing day.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Uncle Armour England...what a cool name! Don't ya just love the names from years ago...very distinguished.

Love looking at old photos...thanks for sharing yours.