Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Prayers for my Relatives in Flooded Region

I just wanted to ask you all for prayers for many of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who live in southern West Virginia. Flooding has torn through several of their small towns, now roads , bridges, and many homes are no longer. The bridge leading to my Aunt Phyllis' house is gone. The swollen creek separates her from the highway. Several schools in the area are closed due to damage. One is where my relatives teach. At this point, there can be no school and only 2 businesses are open in the entire region. There will be lots of clean up ahead. People aren't able to work their jobs or get to grocery stores. It's of my understanding that some of my family is without electricity.

One bright ray of sunshine that has come out of this tragedy is that the best of America is on display. Everyone who can get out and drive past Aunt Phyllis' house, yell from their cars, asking if they can get her something. Today she did tell one of the sweet passer-byers that she would love to have a loaf of bread! She said the general feeling is similar to what we all felt after 9-11. Of course, this isn't on the same scale as 9-11. She said people, strangers are coming together and taking time to care for others.

So far, there have been no reports of death, only devastation. You can google Gilbert, W.V. flooding to learn more. The national guard is there to distribute food and water. Thankfully, my relatives in the flooded area know Christ as Lord & Savior and are comforted in His loving arms!

Here are two links if you want to learn more.

Charleston Daily


Below are a few photos of my Aunt Phyllis and her son Gehrig when they visited with us in April. You just have to watch this short video! You'll see a video of Gehrig being his jolly self, describing the painting on my wall. LISTEN TO HIS INFECTIOUS LAUGH! He flew to the Tampa area to see if he could be a candidate for a specific eye surgery. Unfortunately, the Doc told him the surgery would do no more than if he wore glasses. He didn't seem all that disappointed about the diagnosis. He said he was just thrilled to be able to attend a "Tax Protest Tea Party" while in Tampa. This kid is so lovable. Well, I guess I should call him a man, a master black belt and instructor in Karate, as well as a history teacher. He and I had some great political discussions. He has an entire campaign planned if he were to ever run for political office in his state. He said first off, being albino would give him a different look which would set him apart from the other candidates. Next, he believes he would get the miner's votes and the teacher's votes. Lastly, he said he'd definitely win with his slogan, which would be, "You can't VOTE against Justice!" (Justice is his last name!)

I'll do a whole other post about that empty frame some day!

Dinner out! Guess where? Agustin, Gehrig, Aunt Phyllis, Pam, Loretta, Shane

Agustin, Gehrig, Aunt Phyllis, Pam, Loretta

Our server was from Russia and such a sweet girl. Please pray for her. She's going through some heavy health issues. Click to get a closer look at her beautiful smile! You'd never know she was a single mom fighting for her health would you?

Aunt Phyllis, Loretta, Gehrig, Pam

This photo was taken before mom's back surgery. She was in so much pain here.


AllyJo said...

We drove through West Virginia a year and a half ago for the first time during autumn. I think West Virginia has got to be one of the prettiest states. I'm sorry about the flooding. I heard it on the news yesterday.

When you said something about a not so nice neighborhood, I told my husband I bet you lived here. ROFL

Look around for Baclan.

We should call each other.

Jungle Mom said...

I have been following this and wondering of anyone in the family was effected. How did they get the bread to her?
Gehrig should run for office! He is a hoot!

Pam said...

Ally Jo! We live about 2 blocks from each other! We walk on Baclan all the time. I bet we've passed each other! What a hoot!
This neighborhood was gorgeous when we first moved here about 4 yr. ago. Unfortunately, many of these homes were sold before they were even built to many "investors" who wanted to turn them over quickly simply to make lots of money. (Most investors who bought out here live in California.)Then the housing bubble burst and the downturn, hence, many of the homes are now in foreclosure, and all have dropped in value. But the part we live in is still pretty nice. I have great neighbors! I don't think any of them would leave a house full of cats!

MightyMom said...

glad all your folk are doing as well as can be expected!

Gehrig said...

Wow hate to hear that about Natasha she was very cool. Wish her well for us.

Pam said...

Gehrig, was that the waitresses name?