Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling Blessed!

Yep, that's how I'm feeling tonight! I had a nice long chat with "Ally Jo" this afternoon. Goodness, she is so nice and has a sweet, Texan accent. Imagine Laura Bush speaking with you over the phone! Remember, Ally Jo (that really isn't her name come to find out, but I'll always think of her as that) lives around the corner from me, but we met via Lady Jane's blog @ Tickleberry Farm, which originates way out west! (Visiting her blog is highly suggested here!It's very peaceful, spiritual, restful, and chock full of encouragement) So....we are to meet around 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, er, today! It's already Thursday, yippee! And you know me, I'll have my camera in tow so you can meet her too!

Then to top that, today "IT RAINED" good & plenty!

Now better late than never, I will post some photos from this weekend & Mother's Day!FRIDAY NIGHT was ... Girl's Night In! We played with make up and ate Red Velvet Cake! Thanks Shannon for the sample of what you'll be whipping up for Gracie's wedding on Saturday! Don't change a thing!
It was delish! Even the two eleven year old boys made lovely comments about it such as, "It's so creamy!" and "Man, that's really good cake!" What more could you want?

Grace & Maria
(once again, the empty frame hung behind them! I promise to post about that soon!)

Maria with mom and I after we played with some Mary Kay samples.

Mother & Daughter time in honor of Mother's Day
Sunday, Mother's Day, May 10

My card from Shane, too cute!

I always love me some Burt's Bees products for my lips. This packet is from Shane.

Out of all the gift bags in the closet, I thought it was so cute that he chose the jewelers bag to put the chap sticks in!

I also received this neat little gadget which works great for my arthritic hands!

From Hubby! Not really feminine, but it was on my wish list!


Susan said...

Glad you are feeling blessed...and a belated Happy Mother's Day!!

Jackie said...

That cake is so cute! And about the picture frame, the video of Gharet made me laugh so hard! I watched it three times. Brian watched too, giggled when I did, then said, "I didn't understand a word he said!" The Yankee doesn't understand. Hee hee.

Betty said...

Some really nice gifts you received!
I can´t wait to hear how your meeting with Ally Jo went, and if the boys like each other!
Sounds exciting.

Joy said...

Can't wait for you to meet Ally Jo. You got some great gifts. We have so much in common. I swannee. I just got that book. Need to read it; I love Burts bees lip stuff AND I love any kitchen gadget out there.
I don't have this one. I have the old fashion crank. Let us know how it works for you.

Love the card too.


AllyJo said...

Mark Levin is a hotty. Love that book cover.

Gosh girlfriend, I'm wiped out. Allyson got home 45 seconds after y'all left. *sniff* I watched Spongebob with Jonah and slept until 4:00. My hair is washed now. Wanna come back over.

Send Shane over tomorrow to play. It's going to be like sweet angels laughing again to hear kids playing in my house.

God is good.

And so are you. I loved talking to you and hearing so many awesome stories. You should be a writer.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day!


Kristi said...

Looks like a very good Mother's Day for you!

Love the Mary Kay!! And what fun to do for Mother's Day.

Lovely cake! And it looks so good. Hannah has a recipe for the fondant icing and we hope to try it out soon. I'm sure it was delicious!

Hey, all my paragraphs being with "L"....did you notice. hehe