Friday, May 01, 2009


Well at least it was on Thursday! My hubs had two days in a row off, so he wanted to do nothing but relax his first day. "Let's hit the beach tomorrow!" were his words to Shane and I when he got home from work Wednesday night.

We did a small amount of school yesterday a.m. then off to Clearwater where we stayed at the beach until 5:30 p.m. It was a grand and gloriously sunny day with a gentle breeze, not much humidity. On the drive home my hubby mentioned how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful state. After arriving back into our small town, he ran into Publix for steaks. Once home, Agustin cooked while I took a shower then a long bubble bath! We then ate our delicious supper. We ended the evening watching a good rented movie. Went to bed around 1a.m. beat!

Today, after breakfast, Shane and I did some schooling then we went with Agustin to the Army/Navy store looking for things to finish decorating Shane's military theme bedroom. Found some hollowed out grenades and some digital camouflage handkerchiefs which I plan on using to make a valance for his window. Then over to Home Depot, gardening and yard care supplies, home to plant a couple of flowers in my mailbox container. Agustin fertilized the entire lawn, (yep, we're late on that! We decided to not renew our contract with the company that usually takes care of all that kind of stuff.) I swept the driveway, sidewalks, and porch. Now, Agustin and Shane are gone to play soccer and I'm having a moment to myself, enjoying the peace and stillness! I'm so ready for Agustin to return to work tomorrow! (said jokingly, somewhat) Maybe I'll get some cleaning and organizing done!

I am thankful for a wonderful opportunity Ihad today, allowing me to share with one of my neighbors how I have peace during these troubled times and am not overly alarmed about the hype of this "Swine Flu". I never cease to be amazed at how God gives me the words to say when necessary. I trust the Lord will continue to use me as a mouthpiece to share His love and goodness.

Enjoy some photos from our beautiful area!
Remember to click on photos to see more details!

These photos were taken the first week in April when we were at Clearwater Beach. I meant to post them back then to torment my bloggity friends who were still living in frigid areas! The skies were just as pretty yesterday as they are in these photos. In this photo, I wanted to capture the kite, the sky, and the new hotel being built on the beach.

Click on photo to enlarge!
Driving back into Tampa, from Clearwater, we pass the Hyatt where hubby once was a Sous Chef. Oh and they have a wonderful restaurant here called "Oyster Catchers" with Alligator on the menu! It's delicious, alot like chicken, trust me!

Going over a bridge leaving the beach.

This is a "MUST CLICK" to enlarge. Enjoy the American Flag in all it's glory!
I took this in the city of Clearwater. I loved the huge American flag waving boldly in the breeze. I wanted to include a few palm trees in the shot for my blogging friends who may have been experiencing cold weather back on April 2nd when I took these photos. (I had planned on posting them that night, but procrastinated. Sigh*what's new?*)

I love the street signs in downtown Clearwater and I love the architecture of the hotel on the right. (Remember, all photos are clickable for better viewing.)

Doesn't this bungee jump swing thing remind you of a huge spider or web?

My guys! I love 'em!

Coming home, driving onto the causeway back to Tampa. A few years ago, Agustin took this route to work each day and often saw dolphins swimming here!


Kelly said...

Great photos! We were still having chilly weather in early April, but things have warmed up considerably over the past week or two.

jAne said...

I've had alligator but it must not have been prepared well. It was rubbery and definitely not like chicken. gack!

So nice to spend quality time with your man and little man. I know what you mean though about wanting to get back into the typical routine. :o)

Lizzie would *love* that bungee thing! How fun! For her - not me. hehe.


MightyMom said...

sounds like a fun weekend!!

now back to work, haha.

Webutante said...

Thanks for the good photo journey to Clarwater, Pam. Love to see pics of the beach!

Jungle Mom said...

Sounds like a good day for the family. Miss you!

groovyoldlady said...

Ah, Florida. It looks so, so, so...FLAT!

Seriously, I'm glad you all love it. I lived there for six+ years and went back to visit many times afterward. It's not my cup o'tea. Then again you'd probably hate black flies and snow in April and mud season and road salt.