Friday, November 30, 2007

Still at Mom's

Hi All,
Just another quick update while I have access to my dad's computer! Mom fell on Tuesday evening and broke her humerus bone - but no - it isn't humorous at all! She also required 11 stitches in her neck due to a soup tureen breaking when she missed the step and the tureen hit the travertine floor! I came over Wed. to see how I could best be of help. Well - it's Friday evening and I'm still here! I really am going home tonight to see what needs to be taken care of at my home! LOL

Mom is in good spirits, albeit, great pain! It's hard to keep her down. Just imagine Tigger in a recliner!

We left her house Thursday around 11 a.m. to pick up her emergency room XRays. We then had over 2 hours to wait for her Ortho appointment. She asked me if I would mind taking her to the mall to get her nails done! So that's what we did! It was nice to have time to sit together and have them done at the same time. We are both usually so busy and going in totally different directions.

We then ate Chinese for lunch and shopped a little at Macy's. Great sales there until Monday! Mom has a friend on the board for Macy's who gave us a "Friend and Family" card so we get an additional 20% off all items until Monday! What fun!

After the mall, we were off to the ortho Dr. appointment for her arm. He took new xrays because he wasn't pleased with the ones taken at emergency room. Her shoulder if full of arthritis, which I've been telling her to get checked out for months now! She received a cortisone shot. We finally returned home at 6 p.m. exhausted!

Please keep her in her prayers. The pain medication helps take the edge off the pain.

I've been online comparing prices for computers.

Have a great weekend!


A Note From Theresa said...

I just love that! your sweet mother falls, gets a broken bone, and 11 stitches and she still goes to the mall to get her nails done. I'm just falling over! What an encouragement.

Ashley said...

STILL?!?! GIRL! You told me you were going home WEDNESDAY...THEN YESTERDAY! HA! I told you, you'd feel the need to help! *pokes you*

I hope she's maybe feeling a bit better though, I have been praying! Love you! Hope to see you saturday!

Julie's Jewels said...

Bless her heart!! That is awful what has happened to your mom. I pray she heals quickly. What a blessing that you live nearby so you can be of help to her.

Love and miss you Sis!!

Abouna said...

My prayers for your mom are flowing hot and heavy. My mom who is 92, fell in the bath tub last year, breaking the lower portion of her thigh bone and fracturing two vertebrae, yet she insisted on attending my niece's (her granddaughter) wedding in Michigan first before seeing a doctor. Boy can mothers be stubborn.


Sorry that your mom is in pain but she sounds like she is having a I am sure that her shoulder will feel better now that she has had a shot. I know my hip did.

I hope it is not too long before you get a computer. I have really missed you, girl. Come back as soon as possible. I will be keeping your mom in my prayers. love you, connie from Texas

pink&blackjunglebunny said...

I hope she continues to get better.

Glad she is still able to do the things she loves!



pink&blackjunglebunny said...

I hope she continues to get better.

Glad she is still able to do the things she loves!



Webutante said...

Thinking of you, your mother and whole family and sending love, Pam.

God be with you.

justabeachkat said...

I was out of town all weekend so I haven't stopped by in awhile. I sure hope your Mom is feeling much better soon. I know you're anxious to get back home yourself. Take care of yourself too.


Heather's Brain said...

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groovyoldlady said...

She's blessed to have you there. It's too bad that her extensive and painful injuries are keeping her cooped up in the house. ;-)

Lyndy said...

Oh Pam so sorry to hear about your mom’s fall. My computer crashed too and I am just back online today after a week and boy did I miss everyone.

Praying your mom has a speedy recovery.

Hugs, Lyndy