Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Hi Dear Friends! I just got off the phone with Patti's husband, Todd. Please remember him in your prayers as you remember Patti. It has been quite a few long months for him as the spouse of a very sick gal. Thanks y'all. I know I can count on you. I'm sure Todd and Patti will both appreciate your prayers for them. Patti did well through her surgery yesterday and is now starting her long recuperation time. You may read the journal entries below if you want the details.
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2007 07:42 PM, CST
Hi everybody, Patti had her surgery at 12:30 p.m. today, everything went smooth, they did find another infected pocket, the surgeon did not know about that one, she was able to clean it and of course she'll be on antibiotics to make sure the infection goes away. They took the piece of the colon that was bad, so we can thank God that the surgery went fine under the circumstances.

She has and is connected to all the necessary things with that type of surgery, the hose in her nose does not let her talk very clearly. When she was taken to a room, (temporary room) until she gets a private room, she had pain, headache, don't know if it is a migraine...

Has nausea and the expected discomforts, they were prepared and started giving her morphine, nausea meds, etc. That is all I can tell you at the moment, tomorrow is another day. If everything is okay, she'll go home after a week at the hospital.

Please continue to pray, with this type of surgery the recovery is difficult and lengthy, only the Lord can control the outcome

God bless you all, I'll keep on updating you until she can do it on her own.



The tube down her throat is gone, that was aggravating the nausea, so she feels more relief, the head still hurting, they took her for another brain MRI tonight. Praise God the tube is gone, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

She is not in a private room as of yet, we hope it'll be soon. I'll spend some time with her tomorrow, just sitting there, not saying a word, the ones that know me know how difficult it is for me to keep my mouth shot, but for Patti, I'll do it! I just want to keep her company and let her know I'm supporting her through this journey.

Let's pray that tomorrow will bring more relief, keep the prayers coming , God bless you all.




justabeachkat said...

Continuing to pray for Patti....


Missy said...

Still praying for Patti.
and oh by the way!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Pam,
Happy Birthday to you.

Any many more!!!

Have a great day.

Tiany said...

We will continue to keep Patti and her family in our prayers!!!

Happy birthday to you! May you have many more blessed, blissful, pain free, healthy days and years ahead of you!!!

Love you!!!


Mrs. C said...

Continuing to pray, Pam, and Happy Birthday to you! :)
Mrs. C


I am praying Patti's recovery will be a short one and she is able to do the things she loves sooner than expected.

I guess I missed something or is it a secret?lol Happy birthday, Pam. I hope it is a very happy one for you. Have a wonderful time or if it is already passed may it be just the beginning of a wonderful year. love you, connie from Texas