Monday, December 03, 2007


Hi Friends!

A family friend, Ron Worley, recieved a call around 10 thirty Sunday night telling him to get to Tampa General right away for his new liver!! We have been praying for several months for this to happen. Today, he recieved that new liver and is doing well at this time. Dad was at the hospital and with the family until the surgeon released the great news. It seems all went well. Please pray that his body accepts this liver, please.

I'm once again at my parents home. Mom needed a little time out of the house, so I took her to the mall - a perfect place to walk and move around a little. Her cortisone shot is starting to relieve some of the arthrits pain in her shoulder, but the break is very painful and she just can't move very quickly. We took some time out to get her a good shampoo and a hair cut and style while out. She enjoyed that so much! Rita, the hairdresser was from Venezuela!!

I'm a winner! Yes siree indeedy! Just click here and see just what I won!! I LOVE it and am so thankful to my sweet Heavenly Father for allowing my number to be chosen so that I could recieve this little ray of sunshine just when I need it most!

Speaki8ng of rays of sunshine -- that's what each comment is to me when I sign on and see taht y'all haven't forgetten about checking on me.

I have so much to tell y'all but have no time now. Hopefully I'll remember some of all that has been happening when I get a chance to sign back on! LOL


justabeachkat said...

Great news about your friend, Ron. Praise Be To God!

Congrats on your win!

I'm so glad you and your Mom got to spend some good time together.


Mrs. C said...

I will pray for your friend Ron. I'm sure he still has a tough road ahead of him.

Congratulations on winning a lovely candle! Candles are some of my favorite things. It feels nice to win something once in a while, too.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Mrs. C

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited for awhile so I didn't know about your friend. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Pat said...

Hey, glad to see you made it back to the computer!!

Pray things are well.............

Love the updates---check you e mail, too!!

Love n hugs---you're in our prayers!!

Daughter of the King said...

wooohooo..for your win...and Ron...and don't think that you could be forgotten.....c'mon you know us all better than ARE missed, though.

Heather's Brain said...

I am so happy you won too! What a way to get those spirits lifted!

Please remember I need your address to mail it to you HA HA!

Also, anyone that wants to enter for the next one...head on over!

Rebecca said...

Good news. How is your computer situation?


I am so thankful for your friend, Ron. Pray all goes well for him.

So glad you won. You are so special. We miss you. Hoping to see you back full time soon.

Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

Have a great sunny week. connie from Texas

Happymama said...

Praying for Ron! I hope your mother is recovering quickly.

Can't wait til you can post more! I've missed you.


groovyoldlady said...

Hurray for Ron's new liver! (Did they give him a side of onions?)

Ashley said...

That's great news!! I had no idea!!

Aww bless your mother's heart, she MUST be in pain to actually want help. Poor thing. I'm praying for her!

WOW I feel so outta touch with you! LOL With no AIM, much blogging...or email. Not too mention I haven't seen ya at church cause you've been so busy! Goodness...feels like forever! LOL Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I've been praying for your mom, will continue to do so, and will now add Ron to the list.

Congrats on winning the blog gift. :o)

Mishel said...

What wonderful news about your friend! I'll be praying for him!

And congrats on winning the candle!

Blessings to you!! : )

Frazzled Farm Wife said... are full of lots of good news today!

A Note From Theresa said...

Wonderful news about your friend Ron!
praying for him!

Congrats on your win!

Have a blessed weekend!

M.J. said...

Praying for you...congratulations about the candle!!!!!

Pat said...

MISS YOU---Oh, Pam, please find a computer and post!!

Webutante said...

Miss you, Pam, and anxious to know how you and dear Patty are.

CaraqueƱa said...

I'm just guessing you won a candle...can't figure it out! Congrats~candles are so yummy! Come on over sometime...I've posted some lately.

Julie's Jewels said...

God is so good to answer our prayers isn't He. Well...He ALWAYS answers prayer...but sometimes it is not how we'd expect or like it to go...but He always knows best. Praise the Lord for the answer to prayer!!

Anonymous said...

Good news about Ron and his new liver. I miss talking to you. I just took a few minutes to check your blog and thought I'd let you know I did. Loretta is always in my prayers, actually all of you are. I love you all very much.
Cousin T in WV