Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update on Patti-thanks for your prayers!


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2007 10:10 PM, CST
Good evening, I finally was able to visit Patti today after not seeing her for a couple of days.... It was not easy for me to see her so, so pale, so fragile, so skinny.

I figure she must not be more than a 100 pounds now. Tomorrow it'll be a week she had the surgery and all she has eaten are ice chips, so you can imagine how weak her body must me, she was already weak before her procedure....

Todd and I don't believe they are going to send her home any time soon. They need to know when she starts to eat how things are going to work for her, there are a number of concerns that will be difficult to deal with at home.

She was fast asleep, very peacefully, had cards on the wall, flower arrangements, a pink kitty cat, everything to cheer her up when she is able to notice it all. To my surprised, she called me this morning to see how I was feeling, I know, that took a tremendous effort on her part, I did not recognize her lettle voice at first, once I did, all I could do was to cry, happy to hear her, and knowing how difficult it must have been for her to do it, I knew at that moment how much she loved me and cares for me, that was one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life! We all know she is an amazing loving, kind soul, that is why we all love her so much.

Continue to pray with all your heart, we need patience, we also, this is for me, know the Lord is in control and she is in the hollow of his loving hand, He'll protect her and carry her through this storm as He has done before.

Victory is near for Patti Byrd, and when it comes, what a celebration that will be! I love you all, God bless,




Let me start by telling you that before I went to see Patti I went to the store to buy a Christmas gift I saw in the paper. I was walking down to the register, I saw that the pajamas were 50% off, then instantly one in particular got my attention, it was green and had kitty cats dressed as Santa everywhere, well, green is Patti's favorite color, and cats, she is crazy about them, without hesitation, I got the pajamas, paid for them and drove to the hospital.

I was dreading the visit, yesterday I came out very down, very sad. I opened the door and she opened her eyes, inmediately she started to cry, quickly I kissed her and said, no tears, I'm not here for tears, do I have a surprise for you! She smiled and got a little excited as I handed her the pajamas. What a sight that was!

She was opening them up as fast as she could, between crying and smiling real big, she kept on saying, they are green and have kittens on them, turned around and told the nurse, everyone should have a Raisa in their lives... I told her I have been shopping and found a beautiful skirt that would be great for our Florida Worship Choir outfit, I told her that I had left it in the car because I thought she would be asleep, asked her if she wanted me to go get it, all this conversation was very happy and uplifting from me, I wanted to raise her spirits and I was doing it! I went to the car, came back and to my amazement, she had the nurse change her to the green Christmas pajamas! The poor nurse had to disconnect and connect all of the equipment so she could wear them, not only that, the pajamas came with a strap, she had that around her bald head like a bow, she was acting like a little kid with a new present.

You can imagine, my relief, my joy my happiness.... The Lord had taken me to that store to get that present for her, which in turn uplifted her and ME! She loved the skirt and I told her I would buy one for her birthday in January and not to ask for another thing, that would be it! She laughed when I told her that my daughter Becky wants to be the first one to take her out to dinner to the greasiest restaurant in Tampa to begin the process of fattening her up, she said she could not wait to do that and go shopping with me. She also said her mother in law was going to decorate her house for Christmas and the theme for the tree was going to be pink kitties like the one I gave her and the color of the breast cancer ribbon. It was awesome, rewarding and made us aware of God's love for his children, how He does things to get the results that are needed....

She started with a liquid diet today, however, all she wanted was 2 popsicles. They have to see how food agrees with her as it is introduced slowly and she has to have at least a couple of BMs before she can go home.

I apologize for going on and on but, I knew you would enjoy reading today's events after so many somber reports.

Pray on, for that's what the Lord is looking for, get on your knees for that is how the battle is won, and IT IS!!!! God bless you all,



Pat said...

PRAISE THE LORD---it is that "prompting" God uses in our lives to enrich others! God bless you and Patti, Raisa!!

A Note From Theresa said...

Every time I read about Patti, I reflect on how so many out there just Love her. I'll pray for her, and hope she does get better soon.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Patty must be one strong woman....and I bet she is so thankful for having you all in her life!

justabeachkat said...

No doubt about it...Patti's one special lady. I'll continue to pray for her and can't wait until I can read a post about her being home and back at her normal life.