Friday, November 02, 2007

Hey All! Below is another update on Patti from her dear friend Raisa. I've had a few of you ask me who this dear soul, Raisa, is. She started attending the same church as Patti a few short years ago. She and Patti really hit it off and have become like sisters. She has been such a blessing to Patti's life and I know Raisa would say the same thing about Patti. Hope that helps you all understand just a little more about who this faithful woman is.

Hello! Patti is hanging in there, gets tired very easily, that is to be expected when you eat very light Today she went for her pre-op, it took her 3 hours so she was very tired when it was over.
Monday she is having a colonoscopy and Tuesday is Surgery, the surgeon told her it would take about 2 1/2 hrs. Warm up your praying engines, buy some knee pads, don't forget to forward this to your friends and family, churches, everybody! Let's pray that surgery goes smooth and the recovery will be easy and without complications, especially those evil migraines!
She is very thankful and very blessed to have you all, what she does not understand is that we are the blessed ones, how generous of the Lord to put her in our lives!
God bless, much love.


Pat said...

A faithful friend, for sure...

And to cry out to the Lord and enlist others to do so -
yes, we are blessed to have 'sisters in Christ' we have never met!! And to know it there is a request, they are all on it!!

May God hear our heart cries for this sister---what a wonderful testimony she exudes!!


Everyone should have such a friend.

I will certainly be praying. Thanks for letting us know when her surgery is going to be. connie from Texas

justabeachkat said...

Thanks for the update! What a blessing Raisa is!

I'll pray for Patti.


Jackie said...

Come on over to my blog to see a pic of MJ in her wedding dress! :-)

Ashley said...

Raisa is such a good, Godly, faithful friend to Patti. That's when you truly know they're God sent!

Patti is still in my prayers!