Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm on my dad's computer and posting really quick before heading up the road to my home.

I'm experiencing extreme blogging withdrawal! My computer crashed on Saturday.

I'm at my parent's due to mom falling yesterday and breaking her arm. I brought groceries, easy stuff for dad to prepare on the George Foreman grill, and did some laundry for mom.

I'm in the middle of pricing and shopping for a new computer! Mom's hospital trip and injury kind of interrupted that!

I'm missing knowing what is going on in all of your live's. I did have time to visit a few blogs tonight.

I'm anxiously awaiting to write a real post! Hopefully I will be privileged to do that soon in the comfort of my own home!

I'm thinking and praying and loving y'all!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Sorry to hear about you mom's fall...bummer!

Hope you are able to shop and find just the right computer soon!

Julie's Jewels said...

I sure do miss you!! I saw you online yesterday and was going to ring in on you on AOL but didn't feel like I should. Guess its best that I didn't. You had much to do in a short amount of time on the computer. I pray you can get a computer and get back online soon. I can sympathize with your dilemma of no computer. I about died when our computer died...thankfully Ronnie had one that we could use in the meantime.

Ashley said...

Thanks for talking to me for a bit last night! I didn't know you were so busy though! lol you should've said something to shut me up! LOL

But I was glad you gave up some time for me to get the news on your mom! I was worried about her! Praying for you! And Mrs.Riffe!

Miss you! see you saturday! ^_^

Daughter of the King said... tooo....a laptop would be my choice..I LOVE fits with my on my recliner...

Rebecca said...

We miss you too Pam. Eagerly awaiting your return.

Happymama said...

SO very sorry to hear about your mother! Bless her heart. I hope she recovers quickly.

I also hope you find a new computer soon! :)


Ruth said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. My mom took a spill last year and broke several things at once. It was quite interesting!!

Sure hope your computer woes are handled soon. At least you will get a lovely new computer out of this!!

Pat said...


Praying God gets you back on soon!!(Is that valid?)

Penless Thoughts said...

Sorry for the troubles. Hope you get re-connected soon.

jennifer said...

Me too! I pray that your mom is okay. Good luck finding a new computer!

Hope to see you soon


I am praying for your Mom.

I. MISS. YOU. TOO. HURRY. BACK. connie from Texas