Monday, March 05, 2007

A Wonderful Idea For Ministering!

I visited Happymama's blog today and absolutely loved what I saw there. You need to go check it out by clicking on the link below. Be sure to read the post titled "Day at the Spa". What an awesome pastor's wife she must have! Thanks happymama for sharing with us!


Heidi Jo said...

Thanks for stopping in. Amen to the stat on your side-bar about the war on life here on our own soil. Tragic that it is a battle most Americans are willing to over-look.


Happymama did have a wonderful Saturday at the spa. She looked so nice in her new hair do.

I noticed you liked Seven Brides for Seven brothers. I really like that video but I gave mine away and just recently purchased another one. Last year we went to the college where they performed it in a play form. It,too, was great. Connie from Texas

Pat said...

Sounds like fun!1 We did that once and did facials, makeup, nails, pedicures.....and lunch of build your own salad and potato...of course we had a nursery/childcare and a fun program for the little ones at the same time at a different location so as to make sure the mamas/grandmas and friends had a relaxing time....hmmm....need to put a bug in someone's ear.

Never mind, let's just come do another pedi on you!! We had a ball!!!

Sherry said...

I will visit her site. I just watched a video on Baptist-girl's blog. It's Paul Washer. That was very good and motivating and would leave you in tears.

RoseMary said...

Wow, those ladies were treated like royalty! What a fun time for them. So nice to meet you! Your blog is great.

Lyndy said...

Hi Pam,

I enjoyed your blog. Yes, I have the huggable hangers, though I have had mine several years now. Sounds like you got a better kit than I did, as all I got was the hangers. Mine are burgundy as I think that and grey were the only choices when I got mine. They really do work well and I have all but gotten rid of all my old plastic hangers now. I am getting married later this year and will have all Lee’s clothes to merge into my closet so I definitely want to get more of the sets of hangers to organize his stuff with.

From reading you blog, it sounds as if you have pretty bad arthritis. My Mother lives with me as her arthritis is too severe for her to be on her own any longer. Have you found any treatments that have helped you more than others?

Have a blessed day.


Happymama said...

Ahh, how sweet. We do have a WONDERFUL pastor's wife. She does treat us like royalty and we love her very much. I believe behind every great pastor is a great pastor's wife, and it's true in this case.