Saturday, March 10, 2007

Who Sounds Like The Better Statesman?

"The U.S. president today is a true political cadaver, and now he does not even smell of sulfur anymore," Chavez told a raucous stadium crowd, alluding to Bush's waning years in office. "What the little gentleman from the North now exudes is the smell of political death, and in a very short time, he will be converted into cosmic dust and disappear from the stage."

Chavez added that he did not come to sabotage Bush's visit, saying the timing was a coincidence, even as Bush landed in Uruguay for a 36-hour visit.

Chavez is using his country's vast oil wealth to reach out to ordinary Latin Americans and to court other leftist leaders.

Asked directly about Chavez's latest taunts, Bush refused to mention Chavez by name, a common practice. "I bring the good will of the United States to South America and Central America," he said. "That's why I'm here."


Jungle Mom said...

Yes, that sounds familiar!

Pat said...

He of many word usually points at himself!! Speaking of smells---I smell a SKUNK that is enticing many!!